Children of Oliver Burdett and his wife, Abigail Sewell, about 1920

Submitted by Norris Burdette

Sarah Burdette Lyons, William Burdette, and Oliver Henry Burdette.

Sarah Ann Burdette was born in 1852.  She married first, Robert Lyons, and second, Arch Marshall.  She died in 1933.

William S. Burdett was born in 1848. He married first, Martha Shaffer, and second, Evilla Stiner.  He died in 1931.

Oliver Henry Burdette was born in 1846.  He married Sarah Elizabeth Day.  He died in 1924.

Other siblings, children of Oliver Henry Burdett and Abigail Sewell, John Clement Burdett (1845-1871), Mary Eleanor Burdett Johnston (1850-1895), and Noah Amos Burdett (1853-1853)

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