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Margaretta Ramsey Cummings Ford

Margaretta (Margretta or Margaret) Ramsey, 18 Mar 1833-16 Dec 1905, was married first to Robert Kerr Cummings (28 Jul 1830-9 Nov 1870) They had 7 children.

Sarah Jane Cummings, m. Samuel Kerr
Henry Washington Cummings, died 8 years old
Thomas Scott Cummings m. Mary R. Pelton
John Maxwell Cummings, died 1 yr.
James Smith Cummings, m. Linda E. McNees
Franklin Oscar Cummings m. Anna E. Dodington
William Reed Cummings m. Elizabeth Richardson

Margaretta Ramsey Cummings remarried, 2 Apr 1874, to Robert Ford and they had 3 children.

Robert Ford
Belle Ford m. William J. Dunlap
Charles Willson Ford

Margaretta Ramsey Cummings Ford died 16 Dec 1905 and is buried, along with her husband and son Charles, in Woodland Cemetery, Grove City.

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From a collection of photographs from Grove City.  Main surnames in the collection Cummings, Ford and Sharp.

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Cummings family information submitted by Louise


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