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Mulcahy Sisters of Pardoe, Pennsylvania


Submitted by Paula Pitts


From left to right:  Elizabeth Mulcahy Faull, Alice Mulcahy Lauterhahn, Margaret Mulcahy Brown, Mary Mulcahy McKnight and Katherine Mulcahy Russell.


Daughters of Michael Mulcahy and Margaret O'Donnell Mulcahy.


Elizabeth Mulcahy Faull - born 3 June 1877, died 1958

Alice Mulcahy Lauterhaun - born 12 Dec 1866, died 1957

Margaret Mulcahy Brown - born 2 Mar 1862, died 1937

Mary Mulcahy McKnight - born 29 Apr 1859, died 1944

Katherine Mulcahy Russell - born 10 Sept 1874, died 1958


The sisters were all born in Pardoe, PA, and had seven brothers:


    Maurice, born 6 Oct 1857

    John, born 27 Apr 1860

    Michael, Jr., born 12 Jan 1864

    Patrick, born 19 May 1865

    William, born 19 May 1870

    Thomas, born 8 Oct 1872

    James, born 18 Jan 1875



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