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Center School,  Lake Township, Mercer County, PA Students 1939-1940

Submitted by Norris Burdette

Front row:  Dave Jones, George Burdette, Norris Burdette, Charles Slater, Donald Doyle.

2nd row:  Dick Eperthener, Chuck Jones, Lester Burdette, Vivian Burdette, Bob Richael, and Dale Eperthener

3rd row:  Frances Brockelhurst, Dorothy Marlock, Jocelyn Burdette, Martha Jones, Fay Lengaur, Pat Richael, Ida Vernon and Jane Eperthener

Back row:  Bob Jones, Oscar Burdette, Thelma Burdette, Imogene Eperthener, Sarah Marlock, Betty Brocklehurst, Avenelle Menteer, Chuck McLure

Click on any of the students to enlarge that portion of the photograph.


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