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Greenville High School Girls Basketball Team, 1919

From Senior Year Book, Class of 1919, Greenville High School

"With Miss [Ruth] Loser [not pictured] as coach the Girls' Basket Ball Team of '19 had the most successful season in the history of the high school.  Although the girls were exceptionally small, they played with a swiftness and tenacity which surprised all.  Opponents were much larger than our girls which accounts for defeats."

Back row, Kathro Jones, captain of the team; Second row, far right, Eleanor Chase, both seniors in 1919.  The other girls are:  Margaret Bost, Mildred Hodge, Helen Harshaw, and Ada Ashe.

Margaret Bost.  Peg. Manager.  At guarding and playing forward, Peg is unsurpassed.  She is a hard worker and a very good shot and can always be counted on to do her share of scoring.

Mildred Hodge. Hodge.  Our smiling center, and always there when it comes to dropping the balls in the basket.  She has another year to further demonstrate her special talent in basket ball activities.

Eleanor Chase.  Janitor.  She used to star at guarding, but when it became known how well she could "shoot" she became a forward.  Chubby finished her high school basket ball career in a very brilliant style.

Helen Harshaw.  Red.  The terror of the team.  Our opponents think she paints herself with mucilage because she is such a sticker when she guards.  Lucky for the team Red will be with them another year.

Ada Ashe.  Fat.  Another guard whom it is impossible to elude.  Ada's girl seldom gets a basket.  Ada will be a great help to next year's team.

Kathro Jones.  Captain.  The plucky little forward whose departure will cause a gap that will be hard to close.  Her ability to shoot from difficult angles always kept her guard at a loss.  "Kay" is considered one of the best dribblers of the 1918-19 squads.

Want a closer look?  Click each team member for an enlargement.

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