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Giebner School 1939-40

Submitted by Maxine Hughes

Back row, left to right:  Teacher Gertrude Peters, Bill Randall, unknown Anderson boy, unknown Anderson boy, Pat Flynn and Ben Vath

4th Row back:  Margaret Mae Griffin, Mertle Tack, Jessie Flynn, Mary Geiwitz, Betty Randall, Luella Burdette, unknown Randall girl, and Martha Anderson

3rd Row back:  unknown Demodjio girl, Eileen Griffin, Mary Perrine, Dorothy Perrine, Betty Lou Vath, Esther Burdette, Esther Mae Vath, Ida Mae Shaffer, unknown Randall, and Faye Marie Vath

2nd Row back:  Paul Perrine, unknown Anderson boy, Paul Shaffer, Bob Flynn, Bob Griffin, Clifford Klink, Bob Proser, and Lloyd Burdette

Front Row:  Donald Shaw, Philip Anderson, Bill Geiwitz, William Eugene Vath, Lawrence Elder, Jerry Randall, unknown Tack boy and Joe Demadjio

Click on any of the students to enlarge that portion of the photograph.

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