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Henderson Methodist Church

Submitted by Sandy Nosker

From left to right, back row:  A. Marshall, Roy Henderson, Will Trevitt, Wheeler Buckley, Johnnie Henderson, Roy White, "Mel" Henderson, "Lute" Armstrong, Fred Reagle, Will Owens, Retta Kilgore Northcote, Mrs. Brown, Inez Carmichael, Mrs. Al Henderson, Mrs. Bob Wheeler, Mrs. Johnnie Henderson, Mrs. Wheeler Buckley, Mrs. Will Owens, Mrs. John Kilgore, Mrs. "Lib" May, Rhoda Henderson, Mrs. "Lute" Armstrong, Mrs. A. Marshall, Mrs. W. B. Murray.

From left to right, front row:  "B" Henderson, W. B. "Squire" Murray, John Brown (church pastor), Mrs. Roy White, Mrs. "Mel" Henderson, Mrs. Fred Reagle, Mrs. Will Trevitt.

Most of the people in the photograph are from the Henderson family, except for the pastor and his wife, Rev. and Mrs. John Brown, and Retta Kilgore Northcote and Mrs. John Kilgore.

Click on any of the church members to view an enlargement that portion of the photograph.


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