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Hodge School Jackson Township, Mercer County, PA

Submitted by Norris Burdette, grandson of Lester Burdette

Photo taken about 1910 at a school event.  Many parents are in the picture, including Lester Burdette, father of Clarence and Oscar Burdette (also in the photo).  

The other folks in the picture are probably members of these families: Bestwick, Brendon, Brazel, Burdette, Day, Daugherty, Dickson, Eiler, Hodge, Huey, Johnson, Jones, Knapper, Pearce, Perrine, Reither, Stewart, and Williams. 

Four of the people in the photograph are identified.  Recognize any of the rest?  Please let me know.  Click on any of the students, parents or teachers to enlarge that portion of the photograph.

Clarence Burdette - Seventh Student from the left in the middle row of the photograph.  He's wearing a suit and tie.  Click here to see Clarence.

Benjamin Franklin Day - Third from right in the next to last row.  Click here to see Ben. 

Lester Burdette - Last row, far right.  Click here to see Lester.

Oscar Burdette - Near the end of the middle row, next to the woman holding a baby.  He's wearing a bow tie.  Click here to see Oscar. 


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