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McKay Family Reunion - 1893

Submitted by Sue Elliott

The family of William McKay (1809-1871) and Eliza Lenigan McKay (1811-1903).  Eliza, wearing a bonnet, is in the center of the photo. The photo includes the McKay children, spouses and grandchildren: 

William John McKay and children Ida and Lester Lamont McKay 

James and Sarah Ann (McKay) Patterson and children Mary, Ellis, and Ella Patterson. 

Alexander B.  and Annie (Paxton) McKay and their children William Shields, Bertha Dean and Mary Estella McKay 

Daniel Graham and Margaret Elizabeth (Leslie) McKay and their children William Leslie, John Graham, Robert James and Mabel Agnes McKay 

James C. and Isabelle A. (Montgomery) McKay and their daughter Myrtle Margaret and her husband J. Floyd McChesney 

Milton Barnes and Mary Jane (McKay) Montgomery and their children Ralston McKay, Bessie Bell, Edith Lorena, Beriah Alembert Montgomery 

Robert and Rebecca (Moon) McKay and their children Lewis Essington, Elizabeth, William Raymond and Lillian McKay

Click on any of the family members to enlarge that portion of the photograph 

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