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Ministers of the Shenango Presbytery

The Shenango Presbytery included churches in Mercer, Lawrence, Beaver and Butler Counties.  Photo from 1908.   

Click on any of the ministers in the photo above to enlarge that portion of the photograph.

 1. Frank A. Cozad 16. Licentiate Almassy 
 2. Robert C. Van Eman 17. Arthur B. McCormick
 3. Henry N. Potter 18. Charles Bell
 4. Albert J. McCartney 19. Bert B. Harrison
 5. Sherman A. Kirkbride 20. Clarence B. Wible
 6. Thomas W. Swan 21. Frank A. Shape
 7. M. Wilson Keith 22. John R. Loughner
 8. William G. McConnell 23. R. Elbert Porter
 9. John D. McBride 24. Edgar R. Tait
10. Thomas W. Pearson 25. George C. Noetling
11. William Parsons 26. James S. Pittenger
12. Andrew F. Heltman 27. J. A. B. Patterson, elder
13. B. McLeod Paul 28. Paul Soltas, elder
14. Scott F. Hershey 29. C. Y. Edeburn, elder
15. William H. Miller 30. N. M. Dodd, elder

Photo from One Hundred Years of Shenango Presbytery, 1808-1908, by Rev. H. N. Potter; Prepared and Published by request of the Presbytery, 1908.

For more information on these - and other ministers, pastors, reverends - visit Men of the Cloth.

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