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New Fire Truck and Company 1916

The first motorized firetruck owned by the Grove City Fire Company, shown here when it was new on 4 Jul 1916.

Pictured in the photograph, left to right - at the back of the truck - unknown, C. C. Beatty, Elmer Dunn and Fred "Ike" Dale.

Standing on the side rail of the truck, left to right - Dave Thompson, Charles Struthers and Roy Snedden.

Seated behind the wheel - driver Ken Lauderdale.  To the right of him is Fire Chief Chris Ruffing and Assistant Fire Chief Dorrance Fox.

The gentlemen in on the right standing behind the firetruck are unknown.

Click on any of the firemen to enlarge that portion of the photograph.

Photograph from Souvenir Booklet, Northwestern Pennsylvania Firemen's Association, 35th Annual Convention, 1965

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