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Robert Patterson Family 

Submitted by Jim Wilson, son of Elizabeth Chisholm

Across the front row: unknown, unknown, unknown, Theresa Reigelman, Richard Patterson, Richard Patterson's Sister (name nnknown), Richard Patterson's Sister ?? (name unknown), LeRoy Chisholm, Robert Reigelman, Elizabeth Chisholm, Ruth Reigelman, unknown, Albert Reigelman and baby.

Second Row: unknown, Bernadine Reigelman, Lucille Patterson, Geraldine Chisholm, Ray Sweet, Dorothy Reigelman, Maxine Reigelman, Adrian Reigelman's wife (Maiden name: Quist), Karl Patterson.

Third Row: unknown, Twila Patterson, Unknown, Zella Patterson, Norman Quist (Dorothy Reigelman's husband), Carrie D. Reigelman, Cecil Patterson, Robert Patterson.

Last row: Mike Patterson, Dallas Patterson, Sam Patterson, Jesse Patterson (Sam's wife), George Chisholm (in hat), Jack Chisholm, Winifred Caldwell Chisholm (Rex's wife), Rex Chisholm, Gilbert Patterson, Lewis R. Patterson, Leland Patterson, Bert Reigelman, Nettie Patterson Reigelman, Maude Patterson (Edwin's wife), Frank Patterson, Frank's wife Olivia barely seen in front of him, Pearl Patterson Sweet, Frank Reigelman, Emma Patterson, Mabel Patterson Stroup, George "Snooks" Chisholm, Minnie Patterson Chisholm, Alberta Reigelman.

Photo taken about 1924.

Click on any of the the family members to enlarge that portion of the photograph.

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