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Ramon Houston

Ramon Houston graduated from Grove City High School, and received a Bachelor of Science degree from Grove City College in 1923.

The 1923 Ouija yearbook said this about Ramon:

"'Red' was born in Nasabou, Palangas Province, Luzon Island, Philippines.  As a minor detail, one might add that he first saw the light of day under a cocoanut tree, and, to quote his own words, 'has been cracked ever since.'  Then, too, he has the distinction of having been out with more girls less times than any other man in school."

Ramon Houston was born 23 Sept 1902, while his father, Samuel T.  Houston was a teacher or superintendent of schools in the Philippines.  Ramon's mother was Edith Painter (born 1879).  The family later returned to Mercer County.

Ramon's father, Samuel T. Houston (born 1878), was the son of Robert E. and Elizabeth Montgomery Houston, and the grandson of Thomas and Nancy Adair Houston.

Ramon Houston died Jan 1972 in Ohio.

Family information submitted by Nancy Dobbins  

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