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Sharpsville Junior High Students

7th Grade, Fall 1938, Class 7A


Submitted by Theresa Iacino


Names written on the back of the photograph.  


First row, very front:  Robert Hanson, Bobby Caution, and Hays Montgomery


Second row, left to right:  Francis Zikmund, Joyce Edmonds, Jean McNerny, Margaret Bailey, Marion Lewis, Shirley Roberts, Geneive Krugh, Lillian Casbard, Lucille Kraynock, Virginia Thompson, Willa McDonough, Barbara Sherlock and Clara Thomas.


Third row, left to right:  Mildred Pufer, Virginia Alexander, Matilda Tranick, Rita Murray, Sarajane Moriner, Peggy Hunter, Dorothy Durek, Ann Law, Donna Moore, Mary Ann Lattyak, Dorothy Jones, Alice Murphy, Josephine Sherman, Martha Ash, Marjorie Rose and Prudence Stewart.


Fourth row, left to right:  Miss Frye, Austin Lynden, Billy Sabo, Frank Stigliano, Thurlo Gill, Paul Sike, Billy Herrmann, Alan Wickerham, Russell Arnor, Billy Means, Thomas Dever, Hugh Pythyon, and Donald Frayur.


Members of this 7th grade class would become the Sharpsville High School Graduating Class of 1944.  


Click on any of the students to enlarge that portion of the photograph.



View photo of this class as 8th graders in 1939-40

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