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Workers at the Shenango Furnace in Sharpsville

Photo from the collection of Harry A. "Dutch" Rapp

Photo taken roughly 1918-1922. 

Ernest Rapp, father of Harry A. "Dutch" Rapp was killed in an accident at the Shenango Furnace on July 29, 1922.

Names were written on the back of the original photograph with a line drawn from the name to the picture on the front of the photograph.

Front row, left to right:  Unknown (man with newspaper), Redmond, unknown, Childs, unknown, Ernest Rapp, Armour, Tim Moore

Back row, left to right: Unknown, Cook, unknown, William Grundy (or Grandy), Jas. Wingard, unknown, Sam Clarke, unknown, Henry Bear (or Biar)

Need a closer look?  Click on the worker you'd like a better look at for a close up shot.

Do you recognize anyone else?  Please contact me if you can identify any of the unknowns or supply a first name for any of the workers.


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