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South Leesburg School, 5 Apr 1921

Submitted by Norris Burdette, son of Mary Joyce Moors Burdette

Students in the photograph that have been identified (indicated with a small x):  

Front row, far left:  Madge Moors

Back row, on porch:  Mary Joyce Moors Burdette

Front row, far right, behind row of kneeling students:  Betty  Moors.

Students who were at the school around the time the photo was taken, from Betty Moors Lewis:  

Nick Buchy
Nora Buchy
Paul Collins
Russell Davis
Twila Davis
Jim Flannery
Jake Hedrick
Pat Hedrick
Julie Janders
Vera Knapper
Leona Orr
Vivien Orr
Henry Rice
Frances Rice
Kenneth Rice
Leona Rice
Walter Rice
Carl Sonntag
Irma Ward
Burdell Wright
Hilda Wright
Edna Yeager

Do you recognize anyone else?  Let Norris know so we can add their names to this page.

Click on any of the students to enlarge that portion of the photograph.


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