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New and Recently Added Washington County Photos
Dorothy Martin, Sophie Zelenka Schroeder, Millie Martin, Anna Martin, Lawrence C. Schroeder and Laura Schroeder
Lavada Hughes, Mary Ann Wyeth Schroeder, Rose Hayes, Lottie Davidson, and J. W. Wyeth
Frank Hartman, Catherine Hartman, Eva Cowen, and Raymond Cowen
Maude Hank, Mary Ann Wyeth Schroeder, Charles W Schroeder, and Luther Hank
Dennis Hartman Jr
William Brown Huston, Jr.
Pyle Family Reunion 1925
William Houston Pyles
Mary Redick Lyons Pyles
Return of the WWII Drugstore Cowboys
Rose Hayes, Edna Schroeder Evans, Laura Schroeder, Dorothy King, and Mary Ann Wyeth Schroeder
Jess Evands, Sophie Zelenka Schroeder, and Lawrence C. Schroeder with Lawrence Jr. and Edward, and Scottie King
Maude Frank and Thomas Hartman
Elizabeth Springer and Sophie Zelenka Schroeder with Edward
Mary Ann Wyeth Schroeder, Rose Hayes, J. W. Wyeth, and Romaine Buchanan
News Article about the 1936 Hartman Reunion
Ruth and Edgar Gillis
Joseph and Blanche Hartman with unknown child
Edna Schroeder Evans, Ruth Gillis, and Loretta Evans
Anna Martin with Lawrence C. Schroeder, Jr.
Sophie Zelenka Schroeder, Ruth Gillis, Edna Schroeder Evans, Millie Martin, Laura Schroeder, and Anna Martin
Unknown Hartman Family
Unknown Hartman Family Members
Unknown Hartman Family Group
News Article about the 1938 Hartman Reunion
Hartman Family Members
Hartman Family Members second photo
Hartman Clan at Hartman Reunion 1929
Hartman Family at Hartman Reunion 1929
News Articles about the Hartman Reunion 1929
News Article about the 1935 Hartman Reunion
Hartman Reunion 1933
Unknown Gillis
Unknown Hartman Girl
News Article about the 1933 Hartman Reunion
Rose Hayes and Alice Hartman
Thomas Hartman, Maud Hank, and Frank Hartman
Eva Cowen, Dorothy King, and Laura May Schroeder
Eva Cowen, Laura Schroeder, Edna Schroeder Evans, Dorothy King, and Lawrence C Schroeder Sr
Edna Schroeder Evans, Mary Ann Wyeth Schroeder, Charles Schroeder, and Laura Schroeder
Romaine Wyeth, Joseph Hartman, Harold Hartman, Virginia Wyeth, and Lawrence C Schroeder
Edna Schroeder Evans, Rose Hayes, Laura Schroeder, Dennis Hartman Jr. ,Mary Ann Wyeth, Schroeder, Anna Schroeder, and Dorothy King
Frank Wyeth, George Wyeth, Rose Hayes, William Wyeth, and Mary Ann Wyeth Schroeder
Frank Wyeth Family
George Wyeth Family
Ralph Schroeder Family and Willard King Family with Marcie Little, Mrs. Alice McDonald, Mrs. William Franks, and Mayme Hartman
William Wyeth, Mary Ann Wyeth Schroeder, Mrs. Rose Hayes, George and Frank Wyeth
George and Amos Hartman with Elizabeth Hartman, Dennis Hartman, and Katherine Hartman Conley
Thomas Hartman and Mary Hartman with Raymond and Harry Hartman
Hartman Children at the 1931 Hartman Reunion
Unknown Hartman Family Members picnicking at the 1931 Hartman Reunion
Hartman Family Members at the 1931 Hartman Reunion
Hartman Reunion 1931 Newspaper Article
Daniel Madison Carey/ Cary and Mary Ada Huss
Ella Rosa McCombs Ryan Collection, 28 unknown photographs from Washington County
David McCracken
Moss Children
John Hanson Biles and Ida Mae Hunt with William Arthur and Elsie Marie

Obediah and Arra Bell Baker Horner


Monongahela Miners



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