Adolph Chop

Submitted by Bought  It@peoplepc.com  Adolph Chop is the submitter's uncle

Adolph Chop, born in 1917 at the Chop home on 4th Avenue, Conway, Beaver County, PA. He married Marie MacFarland Kennedy, born May 15, 1915 at home in RD#1, Mill Creek, Huntingdon, PA.

They had one son, Charles W. Chop, born April 2, 1944 at the Huntingdon Hospital, J.C. Blair, in Pennsylvania. Charles died April 13, 1995 at the Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA from Melanoma. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Section 5, #309, Altoona, PA. Charles was married to Carol Ann Arnold.

Adolph was in the Pennsylvania State Police and stationed at the Rockview Barracks. They patrolled the Rockview Prison area on horseback, a Corporal in charge and seven troopers, 3 horses, and 4 cars. Adolph's horse was named Eagle. Adolph met Marie while he was there and they were married in 1942. After retiring from the State Troopers, he went to work in Gettysburg, PA, on President Eisenhower's Security Force. While there, he did some paintings, receiving some help from Ike. When the pictures were completed, Adolph gave them to the President, who said they would go into his museum. They now have a place of honor in the Eisenhower Library Gettysburg Exhibit in Abilene, Kansas. Adolph also served on the Security Force for President Nixon. While guarding the President's winter White House in Florida, Adolph got to know Charles "Bebe" Rebozo quite well. Bebe was a friend of Nixon's, who was present for the groundbreaking of Rebozo's Key Biscayne Bank. It was Rebozo who stood by Nixon's side during the Watergate scandal, even on the night Nixon decided to resign the Presidency. One time when Bebe needed gas in his car, Adolph filled it up for $10.00. Bebe gave Adolph a tip of "a dollar." Adolph told him it was a hundred dollar bill. Bebe said, "Thanks," and gave Adolph another dollar.

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