Uniontown High School, Uniontown, PA Class of 1922

Group photograph of the graduating seniors at Uniontown High School in 1922.

Click on any of the students in the photograph to view an enlargement.

Photo from a fold out in the Uniontown High School 1922 Maroon and White Yearbook. 

View the Yearbook at Old-Yearbooks.com

Roster of Uniontown High School Seniors in 1922 - these students probably are in the photograph:

Listed in somewhat alphabetical order.

Esther Allen, Lauretta Ashcraft, Eleanor Ashcroft, Stephen Barrick, Ruth Bierer, Helen Boast, Elizabeth Boyd, Phillip Bradley, Helen Brenton, James Brock, Theodore Brown, Thomas Brownfield, William Browning, Steve Bukva, Sara Burgess, Josephine Butler, Margaret Byers,

Kathleen Chalfant, Naomi Conn, A. Lindsey Craig, Clara Critchfield, Theodore Cunningham, Thelma Dannels, Hilda Daum, Scott Deal, Eugene Dils, Grace Donahue, Arthur Drake, Edward Dumbauld, Howard Evans, Benning Fast, Ida Belle Fenton, Michael Finegan, Martha Flegal, Margaret Flesher, Isabelle Fosbrink, Leroy Fountain, Elias Franks, Mayda Fruehan,

Anna Galloway, Arthur Gans, Herbert Gans, Josephine Giannatti, Robert Goe, Leroy Goff, Jane Gorton, Clell Gosnell, Arthur Gould, Helen Graham, Blanche Gregg, Gerald Harshman, Vincent Hart, Mary Hauger, Pauline Hawkins, Glenn Hayden, Ruth Hayden, Thomas Hazen, Daniel Helmich, David Hemington, Lucy Hertzog, Marguerite Hewitt, Ethel Hibbs, Harriet Hibbs, Ruth Hickey, Anna Hicks, Lois Hodil, Sidwell Holland, Elizabeth Howard, James Howard, Blanche Hoyman, Charles Hubbard, Mary Hunt,

Eugene Jamison, Emma Jaquette, Mary Jaquette, Elma Johnson, Harriet Jones, Mary Kabulish, Isabel Keener, Willard Keiser, Homer King, Helen Knight, Ardena Kratz, Elizabeth LaBarre, Earl LaClair, Frances Litman, Ada Long, Donald Lowe, Harriet Lowe, Thomas Lyons,

Clyde Maize, Leota Malone, William Mason, Fannie Meyers, Max Meyers, Elsie Miller, Margaret Miller, Anna Millstone, Frances Mitchell, Arthur Moser, Helen Moss, Margaret E. Myers, Jean MacDowell, James Curtis McBurney, Margaret McCauley, Estella McCay, Helen McClay, James McCormick McClellan, John McClerman, Rowena McCune, Dorothy McDowell, Marcella McKay, Frances McNutt,

Gladys Newcomer, Max Nobel, Alston Norton, Florence O'Neal, Senie Page, Ernestine Payne, Robert Pease, Lucile H. Powell, Emma Price, Edna Provins, Helen Ramsey, Mary Reis, Agnes Ridenour, Edith Riffle, Martha Romesburg, Kathryn Rutter,

Roland Schimpf, Rose Schorr, Ralph Seaton, George Seamans, Paul Sesler, Louise Shelby, Harry Shockey, Irving Silverman, Charles Smithberger, Margaret Springer, Joseph Steiner, Leona Stewart, Albert Stone, Helen Summers,

Ralph Tencate, Adna Thomas, Dorothy Thomas, Fred Thomas, Nettie Thomas, Caroline Titlow, Marling Tracy, Thelma Tuit, Mara Wade, William Webb, Sara Weinsweig, Mae Williams, Zana Wilkins, Leona Wilson, Ruth Wilson, Ben Wood, Lloyd Woodward.

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