Robert "Bobby" Hyatt

Robert "Bobby" Hyatt

Born in California and became a Child actor. Follow up with and see all the films and t.v. shows he appeared in. Passed away of Cancer in 2008. Never married had 2 children and lived a quiet alone life.


I am Bobby's half sister...

Hi there, I stumbled upon this and wanted to let you know more about Bobby. Our father was Robert Arthur Hyatt; born in Council Bluffs, Iowa - Sept. 3, 1917, lived in Los Angeles and surrounding areas as an adult until 1979, then moved to Salem Oregon where he passed away from double pneumonia on May 20, 1995.

I don't know much about Bobby's mother since she was my father's ex-wife. Our father was a handsome, light hearted, funny man. He had a great singing voice and was an amazing artist.

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to meet Bobby personally. I believe he was so angry about his parent's divorce that he never talked to out father again. I did know Bobby's brother Ronald, he came around to visit now and again. Ronald ended up dying from advanced Lyme disease in Arizona about 1988(?). He left behind a wife and several children from what I recall.

Please contact me if you'd like to chat. Visit my FB page Gretchen Hyatt Baker should bring up a dark haired girl from Boise, ID :) Hope this helps!

Gretchen I just recieved

Gretchen I just recieved this 2 wk later. Funny.

Bobby Hyatt

Hi - I am wondering if you knew Bobby Hyatt? I am a distant relative (my great-grandmother was a Hyatt). My grandmother has an autographed photo of Bobby Hyatt that says "From your cousin...Bobby Hyatt." It is a professional picture taken probably in his teens. She told me when I was growing up that he was a dancer on the Lawrence Welk show, but through all of my research on the internet I have not been able to confirm this. I have not been able to find any family history information on him as of yet, like who his parents were, etc. I do not currently have a subscription to, but hopefully will soon and can maybe find some info on him that way.

I know that my grandma had an uncle by the name of Emerson Hyatt (wife Pauline) who lived out in California and I'm wondering if Bobby was their son. However, an obituary for Emerson that someone was very kind to e-mail to me does not mention Emerson having any kids with the last name of Hyatt, and not a Bobby. I know there were more uncles also, Art and Edgar are the only names I can remember, but not sure where they lived. The only information I have found on Bobby on the internet is just what shows/movies he was in - nothing more biographical about him. My grandmother is currently battling Alzheimer's disease and is not able to remember things clearly anymore if at all, so she is not much of a help at this point.

If you have any more info on Bobby Hyatt, I would love to hear back.



Do you ever go to I have several generations of Robert Hyatt's family posted for all to research and see how your family fits into his lineage....Robyn

Robert Hyatt

Hello Robyn I knew were father when I was a child he dated my mother and she passed yesterday. today is your dad's birthday and we had not seen him for years and my mom often wondered what happened to him. He was a great influence in my life and I think about him sometimes. Please let me know if he has passed or not and God bless you.


Hi Robin, I just recieved you email. Here is my email so we can share stories. [email protected] I would love to learn more about him. You can check him out on IMDB.COM. Sorry he did pass in 2008. Do you live in California?Robyn

Hi Robyn! Yes, I am on

Hi Robyn! Yes, I am on I haven't dug into the Hyatt family as of yet on there, but am interested in seeing if you and I are connected. I know that my great-granndma was Elsie Hyatt and she had some brothers named Emerson, Art, and Edgar, and a couple sisters named Blanche and Zora - not sure if there were more siblings of hers, but that is all my grandma can remember. My great-grandmother, Elsie, grew up in IA, then married and moved to SD. She only saw her parents once after that, when she went to California to visit them. Her brothers, Art, Ed, & Emerson used to come once a year to SD for a visit when my grandma was growing up - 1920s and 1930s probably.

bobby hyantt

Hi Breana,

I got some pictures and agreements for Bobby Hyatt that I got on yard sale in CA. I know that the girl I bought all this stuff from mentioned to someone that he was her uncle.

Bobby Hyatt

I am his daughter I would be interested in those items you have? Can you give me more info and prices. Thanks I appreciate any more memorabilia


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