Studio Gagnon Photographe, 1950

Studio Gagnon Photographe, 1950

Winter around 1950. "Studio Gagnon Photographe" house.

About the house: It was known as Studio Gagnon Photographe. It's located on 1st Avenue in Saint Georges de Beauce, Quebec, Canada. I've been told that in 1898, Joseph Adelard Gagnon had construction begun on this tall three storey wood-framed house on 1st Ave est. When completed two years later in 1900, he and his wife Marie Jessie Bilodeau, moved in.

Joseph Adelard Gagnon (1858-1937) was a photographer who, at the turn of the century, took many of the old photographs of events and happenings in Saint Georges de Beauce and the surrounding Beauce County side.

The new tall house had a room especially built for taking photographs. The room was located at the third floor's right front corner of the house. The room stuck out forward from the rest of the third floor and it the highest ceiling and roof on that floor! It also had the largest window in the entire house to allow as much light through as possible in order to be used for indoor photography.

Located at the front left corner of the house was an indoor spiral staircase leading from the first floor porch to the second floor porch and then to the third floor which was without a front porch. (With no front porch on the third floor, you remained indoors when you reached that floor). The indoor staircase was illuminated by checker-board coloured windows with one set of windows at each floor level.

Many people climbed the staircase to the third floor to have their photograph taken in that room. In fact, many old photos of important historical people you see in books about the history of Saint Georges and the surrounding Beauce County side were taken in this house.

When J.A. Gagnon passed away, one of his daughter, Louisette, also took over the photography business. It's believed that Louisette became the first woman photographer of St Georges and probably of the Beauce region. She photographed hundreds of people, marriages, ceremonies, passport photos, funerals, etc. Because she only liked taking pictures in natural daylight, she kept the photography studio on the third floor with the largest window. She worked until her death in 1956.

When Louisette died, her sister Cecile, continued the business along with her two sons.

In 1959, Gerard Roy who was the husband of Cecile Gagnon, passed away. Some family members continued the Studio Gagnon Photographe business by moving it to the first floor of the summer cottage located at the rear of the house which is not visible in this photo.


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