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Troy, Idaho Business Men 1904

Troy, Idaho Business Men 1904

Top Row: 1.Tom Christie, 2. Eckman, 3. Lawyer Fisher, 4.Joe McComb, 5. Vic Johnson, 6. Dr. Olson, 7. Dr. Hinkle, 8. Oscar Larson, 9. Olaf Olson, 10.Gus Johnson

Second Row: 1. Osterberg ?, 2. Henry Hays, 3. Miller ?, 4. Miller, 5. Faun Reighney ?, 6. Woodward, 7. George Saad, 8. Alfred Christie, 9. Hank Christie, 10. Wallner

Third Row: 1. Saleen, 2. Axel Olson, 3. David Carlson, 4. Chas. Thompson, 5. Ole Bohman, 6. Hidahall ?, 7. Anderson, 8. Benedine ?, 9. Pete Orchid, 10. Talbut

Fourth Row: 1. Botton, 2. Brohman, 3. Saleen, 4. Rob Clemm, 5. Burt Campbell, 6. Unknown, 7. Clarence Rundle, 8. Bjorklund, 9. Bert Peterson, 10. Anderson

Fifth Row: 1. Atherton, 2. Edgar Wilkins, 3. Dicks, 4. Jolly, 5. John Ogden, 6. Rev. Ladow, 7. Old man Saleen, 8.Will Duthie, 9. Ben Nelson, 10. Schrieber

Sixth Row: 1. Jones, 2. MaCee ? (or Mabee), 3. Cooper, 4. Files, 5. Chas. Johnson, 6. Young, 7. Weeks, 8. Swan Erickson, 9. Chas. Rietman, 10. Chas. Sullivan

The identifications were written out by the submitter's mother about 1940.

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