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Nokomis, IL High School Class of 1929

Nokomis, IL High School Class of 1929

Photographed when they were freshmen in 1926. In the class (and probably in the photograph): Alicemay Pannwitt, Edna Hulbert, Rudolphina Hartel, Hannah Hunter, Helen Calihan, Virginia Sale, Kenneth Robertson, Judd Brown, George Yurgin, Catherine Donaldson, Mary Mehochko, Adolph Klancnik, George Evans, Lorene Robinson, Ethel Hippard, Kenneth Anderson, Leroy Dalhaus, Frank Rakes, Robert Hard, Karl Engelhart, Edith Carroll, Mary Havera, George Sale, Olive Belle Satterthwaite, Ronald Kettelkamp, Harold Knecht, Louis Buechsenschuetz, Bessie Dodson, Grace Brown, Leland Rhine, John Fetsko, Mary McQuiston, Jessie Zigman, Wendell Shanks, Waye Warnsing, Walter Jenkins, Arthur Hussman, Helen Gray, Floyd Barnstable, Frank Studnick, Ethel Anton, Bessie Givans, Eugene Pare, Louis Klancnik, Reiner Bauer, Frank Kapilla, Victor Gent, Ruth Shellhaus, Lucille Loomis, Armando Pini, Mary Kirkland, Mary Lehotan, Charles Keifer, George Hill, Joe Ekkers, Helen Koma, Clara Nollman, William Brockman, Carl Heldebrandt, Yvonne Dahler, Katherine Ronchetti, Helen Popovich, John Karmazinas

Photo from the 1926 Yearbook of Nokomis High School

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