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Mrs. Beebe's 2nd Grade Class

Mrs. Beebe's 2nd Grade Class

>>>Did you attend South Grove Schools on Long Island NY?!
South Grove Elementary School, Syosset, Long Island, NY. Taken MAR 1966. ID's as follows:
Top row: Teacher Mrs. Beebe, ?, Patty Gruber, ?, Debbie Wachspress, _ Fitzpatrick, Victoria Steinberg, ?
Middle row: Eric_, ?, ?, Karen Striano, ?, ?, ?
1st Row: Charles Rosenzweig, ?, ?, Amy Peregine, ? Katie Cline (me), Barry_, ?


Mrs. Beebe's 2nd grade class

Where did the time go? I'll take a shot at this photo Mrs. Beebe, Matthew Sabbah, Patty Gruber (I give you credit for remembering Patty she left well before you), Kevin Hanley (I think), Debbie Wachspress (very good I forgot about her but after High School her brother bought an old car from me), Jerry Fitzpatrick, Victoria Steinberg, Larry Schultz -middle row-Ernie Euthgenot (that spelling is just a guess) ,? Can't name her, Greg Jenkinson, Karen Striano, Bradley (there was a kid named Nelson Bradley I'm guessing this might be him), Lisa Howard, Andrew Tankenbaum -seated-Charles Rosenzweig, ?can't place her, Timmy Berliner, Amy Peregine, Martin Slade, Katie Cline, Barry Zerder (a good friend throughout school), Barbara Schwartz (but I'm not sure, I remember her fairly well but in this photo I'm not sure).
Again thanks for posting the photos Katie and fee free to e-mail me if you want to have a chat about our alma mater on Colony Lane.

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