Big Springs Cornet Band

Big Springs Cornet Band

Frnt. Row: Ed Brugler, Art Barber, Minton Bush, George Brugler
Mid. Row: Alfred Brugler, Harry Brugler, Will. Oglesbee, Marshall Brugler
Back Row: John Quick Brugler Bass Drummer, William Mayhaffy Snare Drum



do you know if this was taken in logan county, ohio, do you know when it was taken, and where it was taken, and do you have more

Big Springs Coronet Band

Yes the Big Springs Coronet Band was taken in Logan County. Do not have any other details.

Picture of the Big Springs Band

Email me if you see this. I remember my Aunt Lillie talking about this band. It was from Big Springs in Logan County, Ohio. John Q. Brugler, the base drummer, was my great grand father. I remember my Mom and other relatives talking about VanBuskirks. Do you have any other photos?

This is awsome!!!

John Journell
Woodbridge, Va

Picture of Big Springs Band

Glad you liked it John.

hi all

Glad to see this picture and post.

I am Shannon Rose (Brugler) Wicker JP's 1st cousin.
My Dad was John Lewis Brugler JR son of John Lewis SR.

another cousin

hello shannon this is your 1st cousin jerry .was going througy some big springs info. drop a line some time. too bad we don't have the reunions anymore. jerry

Hi Jerry

Why don't we just have a family reunion on here, huh? Hi Jerry, Hi Shannon!

This is so cool...I'll have to check this out more often. There seems to be a lot of our family logging on here and we ought to revive the Brugler Reunion. I know I may have met some but I don't remember very many and it would be good to all get together since all those cousins of our parents are all passing away.



I am the great grandson of John Q.,grandson of Garrett Sr.,son of Garrett Jr. Ralph is buried in Equality cemetary between Rushsylvania and Big Springs.There are others buried there and many in Rushsylvania.I have old pictures and info. My name Dee comes from Anna B's (grandmother)maiden name Deerwester. We used to go down to Aunt Tommie's(Lillian)when she was there in the summer and she gave us grapes and spring water.Steve and Linda Van Buskirk live there now. Dee Brugler


I do remember you J.P.,and I remember Ralph and Jane too but it's been so long ago.I know my folks(Garrett Jr. and Esther) talked about them often.Mom is 93 now and doing pretty well most of the time,lives in an apartment now.Dad passed away in 1994.

Big Springs Band Picture


Do you remember my Mom and Dad, Ralph and Jane Journell? We used to go out to your Dad's house in Big Springs and I remember the Artesian Well that you had in your yard. I remember going to your Grandfather's house, Uncle Bunny, and drinking milk fresh from the cow. I know we've met, but I'm not sure if you remember me since I was so little back then. I made a career of the Navy and at the last Brugler reunion I attended, your Dad was real proud of me and that meant a lot to me.



j p i remember some of the vanbuskirks. one family had 4 boys about my age and warrens and a couple were younger. i think ane or two had moved to the marion area.on this page i like the picture of rachel quick and her 10 children. one is our great grandfather john q. ralph t. died in 1868 i don't know awhen rachel died. i think the foto was probably taken in the 1870's drop a line and let me know if you want any other information.....jearry

vanbuskirk boys

Would those boys have been Howard,Harold,Brien and lowell? If so, Brien is my Dad!

Ralph Titus Brugler and Rachel M. Quick

Paul K. Ingram Jr.
I posted pictures of Head stones today to
today. Look at Equity Cem. Logan Co., OH
I did see some of the Vanbuskirks while I was out hunting in Cemeteries - believe they were at the Rushslyvania Cemetery.

Rachel Brugler and 10 Children

John I just did a querry and see that I already posted that picture. John is in the Back row 3rd from left.

Brugler's in Logan County, Ohio

Do you have any other photos from that era? Are you relation and, if so, how would we be related? John Q's son, John L. Brugler, was/is my grandfather.


Bruglers in Logan County

Hi my name is Braden Brugler and I am the grandson of Ivon and Jean Brugler from zanesfield ohio and the son of Mark Brugler. I attend defiance college and recently met a distant cousin of mine S.G. Brugler. My Aunt lead me to this site and I thought it was pretty interesting. It would be pretty cool to know a little more about my family and where we came from.


Braden Brugler

Relative of John Q. Quick?

John, I am a decendate GGGGrandson of Levi Knowles Brugler. By the way Rachel M. Quick Brugler Died 5/25/1901.
Note the post to Jerry

Levi Brugler

Wow! That is soo cool! I've hear Aunt Lilly (Aunt Tommy) talk about, I believe, her Uncle Levi, and it is a shame that most of us don't know any of us exist. She was John Q's daughter. I've heard stories that the Brugler Reunion used to be HUGE, I mean back around 1900 or so, and when they quit it, I doubt 10 people would show up. Seeing these posts, I really wish there was a way we could all get together.



JP I believe if you search the site for Bruglers you should get a picture of one of the reunions back in the early 1900's.


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