Israel S. Mack

Israel S. Mack

Israel Simmons Mack, 1890


Israel Mack

Is this picture the same Mack that lived in Lenox, Ashtabula, ohio
How did you find this picture? Thanks,

Israel Mack

Yes. He was my great-great-great grandfather. My mom inherited a large number of pictures from my grandmother and great aunt. They also did most of our family's genealogy, back to the colonial period, the Huguenots, and the Magna Charta, to name a few. My great aunt brought most of the family heirlooms back from the Ohio farm in Dorset, where they moved to from Lenox. I'm just beginning to post some on and hope to post more on this site too. Right now, we are moving my parents from Houston to the Austin area. How are you related?

Israel Mack

Israel's brother John Mack lived in Lenox,Oh. At one period he lived in Kansas. His daughter Belle was the second wife of my Great Grandfather DR George Hurst. They lived in Dorset,Oh.
I would be happy to share information/pictures about Belle and her family with you. I grew up in Ashtabula.

Israel Mack, John Mack, and Dr George Hurst

I know I'm about a year late, but I've been going thru hundreds of Mom's photos and scanning them into my computer. Recently I came across a photo of Dr. George Hurst as well as other related Mack photos. You mentioned living in Ashtabula. Did you know the Stainfields living in Dorset, in Ashtabula County? Merle and Marjorie were my great uncle and aunt, and my cousin (actually Mom's cousin, but my age) Diane and I are sharing genealogy info and pictures now. She is now in Colorado, but knew many in that area. Did you know any Websters or Browns in that area-also part of the family? I'm putting my genealogy info on, but am doing that haphazardly too. There are some photos there too. If you're interested in knowing more, I can email you some of the info or photos. Let me know your email if you're interested or search for the Macks on, and you'll probably get referred to my info, although most of it is still private.

Just getting back to you.

Just getting back to you. Yes I have info on Dorset Folks and some pictures. I can ask my Uncle who is 95 also.
Send infor to my Email at

Sorry responding late.


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