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Ashley School Buses, Ashley, Ohio, 1937

Ashley School Buses, Ashley, Ohio, 1937

Photo taken at Thomas Thatcher's Garage of the brand new fleet of school buses for the 1936-1937 school year at Ashley School. This was the first time the students were picked up from their homes. Below is the caption:

This year Ashley School has a brand new fleet of buses. The children experienced a joyous surprise when these buses stopped at their homes for the first time. If they felt "blue" about starting to school again after vacation, a large shiny bus waiting at their door certainly chased their "blues" away.

The buses have proved to be reliable and comfortable. Powered by nineteen-thirty-six Chevrolet motors they are both fast and dependable. In the construction of the all-metal fire-proof bodies comfort has been one of the main considerations. The inside is large and roomy. The tall person has plenty of room to stand without fear of bumping his head. the comfortable upholstered seats make long rides pleasant while the bouncing and jarring on rough roads is practically eliminated. In winter you don't suffer from cold, for the driver turns on a heater.

The outside of the buses is also modern. They have a semi-streamline effect giving them a "classy" appearance, for indeed they are "classy!" Two of the seven buses easily seat fifty children apiece. Each of the other five can seat forty. this large seating capacity is necessary since most of the school children are from the country. As the buses are of two sizes, they are more easily adapted to the different routes. Besides the regular transportation of children to and from school, the buses are used by the ball teams, agriculture groups, and other making long trips. Ashley School certainly has a right to be proud of such a fleet of buses. They were eagerly welcomed and are greatly appreciated by the school children.

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