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Mercer, PA High School Class of 1929

Mercer, PA High School Class of 1929

Mercer High School Class of 1929 When They Were Freshman in 1926

Adams, Viola
Armstrong, Lois
Bone, James
Bowman, Ruth
Brazel, Thelma
Broadbent, Albert
Broadbent, Edith
Byers, Frank
Clark, Ida Grace
Cooke, Mildred
Elder, Lavenia
Fair, Francis
Hines, George
Howard, Leslie
Infield, Esther
Infield, Mary
Inman, Harry
Jones, Allan
King, Eva
King, Philip
Lamale, Dwight
Masson, Andrew
McCracken, Donald
McCullough, Lewis
McIntyre, Mildred
McWhirter, Mildred
Meade, Dorthea
Miller, Eugenie
Moon, Della
Moon, Florence
Moon, Wallace
Moury, Arthur
Oakes, Elizabeth
Palmer, Gerald
Patterson, Mabel
Redmond, Karl
Rhodes, Ernest
Rinamon, Evelyn
Ringer, Mildred
Robson, Ethel
Rodawalt, Louis
Snyder, Theresa
Specht, Fred
Stewart, Lois
Stewart, Mary
Uber, George
Urey, Thomas
Vath, Richard
Watson, John
Williams, Charles
Wolbert, Howard

These students may also be in the photograph

Jaynes, Mary
Johnson, William
Knauff, Paul
Little, William
McConnell, Josephine
McCullough, Richard
McCullough, Robert
McWhirter, Ralph
Osborne, Isabelle
Pizer, Elizabeth
Pyle, Robert
Rawson, Ruth
Winklevoss, Howard
Wilting, Eva

Photo from the 1926 Hi Times, Mercer High School Yearbook

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