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In memory of

In memory of

Francis Lee clark nov. 7th 1918 may 10th 1994


Francis Lee Clark

Francis Lee Clark Was the Founder and President of the Warsaw Sportsmans Association in Hazen Pa. In 1960. It was first in a little red trailer on his farm and then moved it to an old house off of route 28 in Hazen Pa. Francis enjoyed the outdoors as a avid hunter and fisherman as well as his brother James Clark who was also part of the founding of the Warsaw Sportsmans Club. According to Perry Lee Raybuck ( passed away in Fortworth Texas) They were refered to as the "wild indians on the ridge" Francis Has 10 grandchildren spread all over the U.S. from Arizona to Florida To Pennsylvania and all parts in between. He is burried next to his loving wife of 58 years, my grand mother in Temple Cemetary along route 28 About a mile and a half from the sports mans club and about 4 miles from his farm. No Clark family members live on Sulgar Ridge any more those days are long gone. But I believe When you go on a long walk late in the evening You can still hear Francis and his coon dogs down in stony hollow. When the moon is just right and the fog is level with the ferns Keep a special ear for that old blue tic named Bull. Owwwooooo Owooooo and Francis in the back ground.

Grampa You are missed and so are you Grandma.

America is as a shining city on a hill. Built by those before us. It is because of their determination, innovation, creativity, and their sacrifices we have the many things we enjoy so much of today. Be cause of those that blazed a trail before us.

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