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Jeannette High School, Jeannette, PA Class of 1926

Jeannette High School, Jeannette, PA Class of 1926Photo taken in 1925 when they were juniors.

Allison, Margaret
Atwood, Dorothy
Baker, Lillian
Baughman, Katherine
Baughman, Merrell
Becker, Gertrude
Beezer, Violet
Best, Carolyn
Broker, Margaret
Burhenn, Geraldine
Case, Madeleine
Chisko, Millie
Clarkson, Edward
Cox, Mildred
Cribbs, Catherine
Doberneck, Zita
Doherty, Dan
Evans, Dorothy
Fyfe, Charles
Galbraith, Edna,
Gennin, Francis
Getto, Anna
Goldchein, Arthur
Graham, Ruth
Greenawalt, Nettie
Greenberg, David
Greenberg, Louis
Greno, Charles
Hart, Dorothy
Henry, Clarence
Hoenshell, Virginia
Hollendonner, Ella
Hower, Pearl
Hugg, Harry
Johnson, Mayme
Joseph, Albert
Kashawlic, Stiney
Kifer, Helen
Klingensmith, Evalyn
Kocinsky, Clara
Kunzler, Charles
Lauffer, Sara
Levin, Theadore
Leyh, Harry
Lobody, Plato
Dogwood, Florence
Magyar, Peter
Mariam, Alfred
Martin, Glenn
Matthews, Elizabeth
Maxwell, Betty
McNall, Thelma
McNally, John
Mellott, Leila
Miller, Edward
Miller, Isabelle
Miller, John
Mumma, Pearl
Nedley, William
Neilson, Charles
Newcomer, Helen
Newcomer, Sara
Parsons, Genevieve
Parsons, Mildred
Patterson, Margaret
Peden, Anna
Pool, Ina
Rabinowitz, Mollie
Rankin, David
Rankin, John
Raney, Leon
Reinkemeier, Mabel
Salmon, Mary
Scanlon, Catherine
Schock, Orrin
Shuster, William
Simpson, John
Snyder, Paul
Stevenson, Sara
Stoker, Ida
Stoughton, Tom
Stump, Virginia
Sweitzer, Addamaine
Thurling, Elmer
Tragressor, Mary
Udoltz, Rudolph
Uplinger, Verna
Weisbecker, Frank
Wertz, Ella
Wilson, Kenneth
Witalis, Walter
Boettner, Virginia
Lefever, Earnest

Photo from the 1925 Red and Blue yearbook of Jeannette High School

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