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Titusville, PA High School Class of 1927

Titusville, PA High School Class of 1927
Class of 1927 when they were Juniors in 1925.

Amboyer, Margaret
Ames, Lucile
Armstrong, Helen
Buchan, Mary
Burrows, Thelma
Bloom, Leo
Brailsford, Gerdes
Blanchard, Miles
Bedford, Garwood
Carter, Bertha
Cassidy, Helen
Chase, Lyle
Carlson, Harold
Childs, Alden
Church, Gilbert
Christy, Perry
Davis, Ethel
Davis, Florence
Dickinson, Eleanor
Dentler, Joseph
Douglass, Gwendolyn
Dunn, John
Eastwood, Lois
Edwards, Donald
Edwards, Margaret
Eckbloom, Carrie
Emerson, Ethel
Ettinger, Dorothy
Ferguson, William
Fortune, Irene
Gottman, Violet
Gordon, Emoline
Gullan, Alma
Emerson, Lillian
Ghering, Ruth
Habich, Nellie
Halfast, Bertha
Harger, Julia L
Hoffman, John
Holmber, Milton
Howard, Claire
Holder, Carlton
Holder, William
Howe, Robert
Hull, Margaret
Jackson, Walter
Johnstone, Katherine
Leighner, Catherine
Lang, Joe
Lysowski, Anthony
Lysowski, Frences
Magee, Joseph
Markley, Treva
Marsh, Hulda
Masiker, Elda
Mayer, Robert
Maynard, Eva
Miller, Frences Mae
Mulvey, Edmund L.
Muray, Lorena
McFadden, Lawrence
Aberg, Charlottee
Kerr, Harold
Ongley, Lois
O'Hare, Robert
Hancos, Ada
Palmquist Ernest
Peterson, Pauline
Powers, Harold
Proper, Vera
Rand, Ella
Ribb, Glenn
Rieley, Felicia
Root, Bertha
Ross, Raymond
Ropp, Alice
Shields, William
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Dorothy
Staub, Herbert
Sterling, Isabelle
Stevenson, Andrew
Stevenson, Della
Stone, Bertha
Staub, Henry
Strawbridge, Majorie
Strawbridge, Helen
Sweetwood, Edward
Tarr, Berdina
Tarr, Marie
Tinsley, Meredith
Tobin, Roscie
Tullock, Catherine
Waid, Andy
Warner, Harry
Wahlin, David
Wilkinson, Robert
Williams, Ruth
Wizenberg, Florence
Wood, Edith

Photo from the 1925 Optimist Yearbook

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