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Jara Family

Jara Family

Photo taken in about 1911 at the Biles Art Studio that was located in New Castle.

1st row:
Oldest boy: Carl Jara
b:1906 Sharon, PA d: 1988 Farrell, PA
Married Agnes Weber

Infant boy: Edward Jara
b: 1912 Farrell, PA d: 1992 Sharon, PA
Married: Eleanor Smith

Woman holding infant boy: Stephania (Stella) Bilsky
b: 1885 Cleveland, OH d: 1955 Mercer, PA
Married: Joseph Jara who is standing behind her.

Young boy: Walter Jara
b: 1909 Mercer County d: 1989 Mercer County
Married: Genevieve Hench

2nd woman: Unidentified

Young girl standing (bow): Unidentified

3rd woman (holding infant girl in bonnet): Ludwika (Louise) Barbara Jara, my great grandmother
b: 1889 Stara Wies, Poland d: 1945 New Castle, PA
Married: Szczefan (Steven) Smialowski, Man in 2nd row, 3rd from left

Infant girl (bonnet): Stephanie Victoria Smialowski, my great aunt
b:1910 New Castle, PA d: 1990 New Castle, PA
Married: Steve Wisnieski

Man holding infant: Unidentified
Infant on man's lap: Unidentified
Man: Unidentified
Man: Unidentified

2nd row:

1st man standing: Joseph Jara
b: 1885 Stara Weis, Poland d: 1956 Sharon, PA
Married: Stephania (Stella) Bilksky in front of him with 3 boys; Brother to Ludwika (Louise) Jara-3rd woman in 1st row

2nd man standing: Unidentified

3rd man standing: Szczefan (Steven) Smialowski, my great grandfather
b: 1883 Orzehowka, Poland d: Youngstown, OH
Name later changed to Smiley; Married to 3rd woman in 1st row holding girl with bonnet on.

4th man standing: Unidentified

Click on any of the family members to enlarge that portion of the photograph.

Do you recognize anyone? Please let me know.


Jara family

Walter Jara is my great grandfather. He was my grandfathers (Gary Jara) father.

Jara Family

My mom is Laurie Jara daughter of Gary Jara son of Walter Jara.

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