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Bessemer Railroad Maintenance of Way Dinner 1947

Bessemer Railroad Maintenance of Way Dinner 1947

Bessemer Railroad Maintenance of Way Dinner, held at Schuster's Restaurant, Greenville, PA, August 6, 1947.

Joseph Serafino "Fee" Carrara, (the first row, second man kneeling), was a track foreman for the Bessemer Railroad. He was born Feb 11, 1904, in Monongahela, Washington County, PA, and spent most of his years living in Branchton, Butler County, PA. He died Dec 20, 1963 in Branchton, PA. His parents moved from Monongahela in the early 1920s, to the Carrara farm, on Carrara Road, in Hallston, Butler County, PA, near Keister.

Left to right:

First Row (kneeling):
K.D. Thompson, J.S. Carrara, E.H. Jones, G.F. Herrit, F.D.Castor, S.S. Dickson, H.R. Garvin, M.B. Alexander, O.G. Wheeler, J.W. Read, C.L. Walker, L. Spalding

Second Row:
E. Anthony, D.T. Faries, M.F. Mannion, L.F. Isabella, P.M. Wells, R.A. Ullery, L.W. Church, F.R. Laying, D. Angeloni, S.D. Barnes, E. T. Wetzel, C.E. Rhoades, P.E. Nick, D. Staiger, R.M.Ginn

Third Row:
J.A. Sollinger, C.M. Shaffer, T.E. Spires, C.B. Wakefield, H.C. Riley, S.M. Smith, G.M. Thompson, E.M. Mladenoff, R.M. Ball, J.A. Groover, J.J. Ridgeway, W.R. Boosel, D. Stepanovich, B. Teeple, R.E. Jones, J.R. Fedoush, W.C. Howe, G.C. Alexander

Fourth Row:
J.M. Hubbard, K. Six, V.M. Schwing, O.C. Richmond, L.D. Shelkey, J. Anthony, J.E. Yewell, J.W. Hopkins, H.H. Harman, B.H. Westfall, O.P. Spaulding, C.L. Seal, G.R. Pflasterer, H.C. Calvin, S.T. Kilmer, M.G. Urda, G.G. Martin.

Submitted by Paula Good, granddaughter of Joseph Serafino "Fee" Carrara

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