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Amos Frampton Family

Amos Frampton Family

Amos Frampton was born on the old homestead at Frampton (now Mechanicsville) in Clarion Co., PA. He worked as a carpenter and millwright and was elected to the office of Justice of the Peace six times (30 years). Amos and Carlotta "Lottie" are both buried in the Centennial Cemetery in Strattanville.

The individuals are as follows:

Left to right - on ground: Edna Davis, Ruth Fleming, Earl Fleming, Cleon Elder, Esther Guthrie, Ruth Guthrie, Amos Guthrie, Martha Guthrie

Kneeling: Albert Guthrie, Estella Fleming, Nellie Fleming, on chair Lottie Fleming with Amos Fleming on lap, Grandma Hannah Frampton, Grandpa Amos Frampton, Mary Guthrie with Paul and Naomi beside her, Marshall Hazen

Standing: Bruce Guthrie, Aunt Nettie Davis holding Wilber, Aunt Jennie Frampton, Ruel (Reuel) Frampton holding Harry, Uncle Ed Frampton, Will Fleming, Uncle Clyde Frampton, Uncle Ben Frampton, Uncle Curt Frampton, Aunt Kate Hazen holding Cecil, Uncle Herb Guthrie.

Identified by Ruth Fleming Himes in 1980. Photo taken in 1900.

Submitted by Roger Nale, great great grandson of Amos Jasper Frampton, great grandson of William Nell and Carlotta "Lottie" Frampton Fleming, grandson of Roy Wilmer and Ruth Marie Fleming Himes, and son of Mildred Ruth Himes Nale

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