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Helvetia Mine Company Store, Helvetia, PA

Helvetia Mine Company Store, Helvetia, PA

This is a picture of the Helvetia Mine company store. It was probably taken in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s. A number of the houses are reflected in the windows. The men are not identified.

I would like to hear from anybody who lived in Helvetia.


Kurutz and Rendos family

Hi, My Grandfather George Kurtz,(Kurutz),(Kurucz)lived there from 1906 - 1918. My dad John Kurtz was born there with brother George and sister Mary. The oldest brother Elias(Alex) was born in Slovakia. My grandmother died in 1918 from the flu. I have Kurtz, Turchan, and Ference relatives who lived there and Sykesville. My grandmother was a Rendosh/Rendos. I know there is a large family of Rendos,Rendosh,(Rindos)in the area. I can't find a connection but there must be.

Mary Ann, My grandmother

Mary Ann,
My grandmother also fell from the flu, after just giving birth to my aunt. My dad and his two sisters lived with my grandfather until he too died, black lung. Dad was 14 and his sisters were younger. They were all shipped out to different family members. My grandfather was Thomas Patterson.


My grandfather worked for a number of years in the Helvetia mines and my grandmother and her entire family also lived in the town. My mother who is in her 80's is very knowlegable of the town and it's residents.

can you tell me any info and

can you tell me any info and history you know on the helvetia, any harveys there are? i think his name is ij harvey

Henry Harvey and George

Henry Harvey and George harvey

Helvatia, PA

What great gifts the internet can bring. My parents came from Helvatia, PA. My mother's family (Gould) lived directly across the street from this Company Store.
My father's family (Leis) owned a General Store. Anyone here know either of these families?

Helvetia, PA.

I grew up in Helvetia, but after the mines had closed. I remember many of the people there. The Gould's lived down the street from us near the company store. At that time they were an older couple(I was a kid - mid 1950's), and the Gould's were very respected in the town. I believe the gentleman was named Bruce. I only spoke to him when I delivered the paper to him.

Not much but I hope this is something.

The town is no longer there. There are now two residents. My brother is one, still living in the house my family moved into in 1948.

Regards, Cal McKee

Helvatia, PA

If you are for real, please respond. I know where this house was and people from there. Would love to talk to you.

Helvatia Mine

My great grandfather worked at the mine in 1938 or 9. I have a paystub listing his work at the mine and a ledger of items he probably purchased at the company store in November 1939. Anyone have any more photos?

purchasing rights to reprint this photo


I have a blog and would like to reprint this picture. Do you own the rights? Can I buy one time reprint rights to publish in my blog. My grandfathers worked in the Helvetia mine many, many years ago. How about the other ones on your site? I would love to have a digital copy of the one of the processing plant at Helvetia, but I would only download and use with your permission. I will pay a fee. Let me know.

Greg Matusky

The Kelley Family Helvetia PA

I lived in Helvetia from 1939 to 1963.
My grandparents, Thomas and Sara Wilson, lived next to the Kelleys. My grandfather was the superintendent of the power plant.
I remember playing with Susan when she came to visit in the summers from West Virginia. We made hollyhock weddings and floated them in the rain barrel at my grandparent's house.

Helvetia, PA.

As for Helvetia, PA, Coal Town. I was a late comer, my family moved there in 1948, the year I was born, and after the hey day of coal mining. But I lived in Helvetia for 18 years, until I went to college, and for several additional years. My brother is now one of only two residents in the "town" which has disappeared, unless you know where to look closely. I went to school there in the 1950's. I know many of the names and people mentioned in this email chain. It was a great place to grow up. For earlier infromation, a book was written about Helvetia: "From the Miners Double House" by Karen Bescherer Methany. For those who may have lived in a PA coal town, you will know what a "double House" is. The photo on the front of the book was taken by me, I do not know how she got it, but probably from my mother, who is mentioned in the book.

Hope this helps, Cal

helvetia pics

you dont by chance have any pics of a helvetia shithouse do ya thanks scoob

Helvetia, Pa

I have been doing research on several families in the Punxy area. My wifes family is mainly from Punxy but her grandmother came from Slovakia in 1898 to Helvetia to live with her aunt and sister. I do not have any additional info about the aunt or sister but her Grand Mothers name was Mary Turansky and she had two brothers Mike and John who also came over a few years later. She married John Sugar(s) from Punxy and resided and raised a family in Punxsutawany. Any info about Helvetia would be of interest.

Thank You

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