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New Richmond School, Crawford County, PA

New Richmond School, Crawford County, PA

Teachers: Arch Hopkins, Wilbur Ongley

Students: Marian Kingsley, Archie Drake, Leah Willey, Mattie Sayre, Mittie Root, Leslie Johnson, Banning Winton, Wilda Minnick, Duane Sayre, Howard Sayre, Cleve Holcomb, Lawrence Ward, Martha Sayre, Mary Wilcox, March Winton, Clyde Bidwell, Hazel Huckleberry, Katheryn Sayre, Iva Clark, Helen Winton, Floyd Hall, Isadore Willey, Rae Bertram, Ethelyn McClaughry, Belva Smith, Frank Sayre, Juniata Willey, Mary Bresee, Ward Fosburgh, Mildred McClaughry

I don't know the year this photo was taken. Perhaps someone out there will recognize some of these students and teachers.


New Richmond School Photo

Wilda Minnick was born in 1900. I have several portraits of her. If there is a larger version of this scan available, I would be grateful for a copy. It may allow me to identify which student is Wilda.

Sayres and McClaughreys

I have a few birth dates and approximate dates for a few of the students that might narrow down the time frame during which the photo was taken.

Mildred McClaughry - born about 1904
(Ethelyn McClaughry - born 20 May 1896
Mildred and Ethelyn are sisters.)
Duane Sayre - born about 1902
Howard Sayre - born 29 August 1900
Martha Sayre - there are two in my tree, so perhaps one is Mattie - one was born November 1891 (sister of Katheryn) and the other was born March 1897 (sister of Frank).
Frank Sayre - born 26 March 1891
Katheryn Sayre - born 15 March 1896

Thanks for submitting the photo online.

Diane Rodgers

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