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Charles H. Owrey Family

Charles H. Owrey Family

Charles Henry Owrey and Margaret Robinson Owrey were both born and lived in New Castle, PA.

Charles Henry was the grandson of Adam Owrey for whom the town of Adamsville, PA is named.
Margaret Robinson Owrey was the daughter of Andrew G. Robinson and Fannie Edwards Robinson.  She started the People's Mission in New Castle, later to become the Missionary Alliance Church. A cousin said that Margaret started a Sunday School in her living room on Sunday afternoons. From that, she went to founding the church.  Charles and Margaret's sons, especially Richard, preached at the church.

Their son William, grandfather of the submitter, started working in the glass factory as a blower when he was 13 years old. His sister, Rhoda, worked at Shenango Pottery then relocated to Buffalo, NY, to work in a pottery there. Richard, Andrew, and Joseph were preachers. Richard's eldest daughter, Margaret, was a missionary/nurse in Egypt and, when World War II started, the government sent her back to the states.

Submitted by Theresa Blake, great granddaughter of Charles Henry and Margaret Robinson Owrey


Peoples Alliance church

2015 will be the 125 anniversary of the church....with loss of membership we will probably have a celebration before we close. there are Stoners who still come and a few other family's who come but our pastor had to move on and we can't afford to pay a salary for another.....if anyone is interested we are on Rebecca St. Come and say good bye before we have to close the doors to the Mission.

we are related

Hi...I am the daughter of Francis M. Owrey who was born in the general area you were born. He is the son of Andrew Owrey and Bertha Rank. It is nice to see the picture

Margaret Owery

I knew Margaret Owery Schwartz very well. She was a wonderful Bible teacher.

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