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William Penn Senior High School, York, PA Class of 1935, Students L-Z

William Penn Senior High School, York, PA Class of 1935, Students L-Z

Class Roster - in alphabetical order (L to Z)

Leber, Mary
Lefever, Harold R.
Levin, Harvey
Little, Edward W.
Little, Lois
Lloyd, Lynette
Lo Piccolo, Philip
Lose, Margaret
Markel, John B.
Markey, Pauline
Markey, Roselyn
Markey, Russell L.
Marshall, Mary L.
Matthews, Sara A.
McCarney, Justine
McClellan, Joseph
McCubbin, Beatrice
McCubbin, Leroy
Meisenhelter, Margaret
Meisenhelter, Robert J.
Menges, David J.
Metzger, Ruth
Middleton, William
Miller, Lavena
Miller, Mae
Mitzel, Louise
Mitzel, Morgan
Moore, Donald
Moore, Ruth
Myers, John
Myers, Marion
Nevin, Hilda
Noel, Waunet
O'Dell, W. Carl
Owens, Thelma
Palmer, Catherine
Paules, Charlotte
Perrell, Mary
Peters, Robert
Phillips, Jean
Pittinger, Kathrina
Poff, John
Preston, hazel
Price, George V.
Reel, Betty
Reever, Kenneth
Reisinger, Doris
Reisinger, Ray R.
Rice, Phyllis
Richcrick, Jason
Richter, Geraldine
Ridenour, Pauline
Rider, John
Riedel, John H.
Roberts, Irma
Roberts, Vivian
Rohrbaugh, Mary
Root, John F.
Rosnick, Blanche
Schlosser, Isabel
Schroeder, Sydney, R.
Schroll, Beatrice
Schwartz, Marion
Secrist, Pauline
Senft, Richard M.
Shaffer, Earl V.
Shanahan, Nellie
Shearer, Helen
Sheffer, Roy M.
Shellenberger, Helen
Shellenberger, Richard
Shue, Walter W.
Shull, Nancy
Singer, Jay E.
Singerman, Josephine
Sipe, Ethel
Sipe, Rita
Sitler, Fay
Small, John
Smith, Annabelle
Smith, Donald S.
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Reynold B.
Smyser, Anna
Snyder, Richard C.
Spangler, Clark N.
Spangler, Harriet
Spangler, Josephine
Spidle, Mary J.
Spiese, Shirley
Sprigle, Elwood
Sprigle, Romaine
Stagemyer, Eugene
Stare, John W.
Sterner, William I.
Stoner, Lillian
Strayer, James O.
Strickler, Mary J.
Swartz, C. Richard
Taylor, Leonora
Thomas, Mary E.
Thompson, Ruth
Towson, Robert
Trolley, Gordon C.
Tschop, Mildred
Walker, Lawrence
Warner, Howard J.
Weaver, Chester L.
Weeks, James A.
Weeks, Janet
Weigel, Romaine
Welty, William A. Jr.
Williams, Charles V., Jr.
Williams, Edith
Williams, Merl
Wilson, Richard
Young, Elizabeth L.
Zaner, Margaret
Zarfoss, Franklin W.
Ziegler, Alice
Ziegler, Frank A.
Ziegler, Fred W.
Zinn, Richard H.

Photo and roster from the William Penn Senior High School Class of 1935, 26th year Reunion Program, 1961


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