Photo found! Help ID this school!? Perhaps NEHS 1928

Photo found! Help ID this school!? Perhaps NEHS 1928

This is believed to be Northeast High School in 1928. There are TWO pictures because of the length of the photo! Picture one is LEFT to middle and Picture 2 is middle to RIGHT. I have one original photo and would love for it to find it's home!! (Facebook Every Photo Goes Home) It's our best guess but could be completely wrong. Any ideas? Any thoughts? There ARE names on the back!! :) At some point someone did cut this photo down (landscape left/right) to maybe fit a frame or something and we lost some of the names. Also, after the even cut, there’s a small tear at the corner of the photo that while in the photo is insignificant, it tears into the writing of the names on the back so here’s what we’ve got: It appears as if each person signed their own name to this photo. I do not the number corresponds to the person at all since the boys were more or less on the right and girls on the left and the names are intermingled on the back.

6. ….Fine (maybe ….rd Fine)
7. Israel Goodman
8. Helen R. Parsons
9. John Lentz
10. James J McCarry
11. Margauerite Weaiherby (script on the last name is best guess)
12. Helen M. Eselbey
13. Mildred Donnelly
14. Laura Vincent
15. Bella Weiner
16. Gladys Stout
17. Helen Rentzheimer
18. Elenor Semedley
19. Clayton Jones
20. Edna Krishen
21. Celia S. Ginsberg
22. Dorothy Still bronner
23. Gertrude Bacal
24. Charles Mandelstam
25. Edis Van Leir
26. George Brunner
27. Sam Emdet (best guess)
28. Dorothy Brown
29. Sylvan Herman
33. Loyd D. Munyan
34. Ethel Schwartz
35. Ethel Boal
36. Julia Gelgood
37. “Edna Bogin (May)” (Best guess and the parenthesis and may were written there as if a nickname)
38. Henrietta Baurman
39. Ida Cohen
40. Leah Ettilson
41. Anna J. Davis
42. Margaret O. Viehmann
43. Mary L. Kinkade
44. Liona Miller ( best guess)
45. Edward Richardson
46. Julia S. Gelgood
YES, SHE IS LISTED HERE TWICE – IN HER OWN WRITING? - (they’re identical signatures)
47. A. Martin Satz (best guess)
48. John Rehrig
50. BLANK there is also written many other names unnumbered : Lillian M. Massenger, Ida L. Perves, Mary M Dallas, M. Mary Housman, Chas Berkley Prin., A.T. Faris, Maurice Good Kin (after the K its hard to make out), Josephine M. Oneill, M. McAlpine Prin. Ham...(?), Helen S Bromwell, Mary M. Janvien (?)


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