My Great Grandmother, Janet May Stowe Nickum

My Great Grandmother, Janet May Stowe Nickum

My Grandmother, Betty Hall (nee Nickum) told me that Janet May Stowe was somehow related to Harriet Beecher Stowe. I've searched and searched and found Janet's mother to be Caroline Redmond and father to be Henry Stowe. No clues about who the parents of Henry could be, just false leads...

I'm trying to find death records for Henry Stowe.


Harriet Beecher Stowe

Hello again,

Your comment got me thinking about being related to Harriet Beecher Stowe. Her husband was Calvin Ellis Stowe(1836-1886). Although I have not made a direct connection, My tree has surnames of Beecher, Stowe and Ellis. My Beecher connection (so far)is to Phebe Beecher who married Benjamin Ferris. Their daughter Susannah Ferris married Elijah Doty of the Mayflower passenger Edward Doty line. Elijah Doty's father was Ellis Doty (1677-1728) and Ellis Doty's mother was Deborah Ellis(1644-1711). Much of the Doty line is well documented due to the Mayflower connection from Edward Doty.

Edward Doty (1598-1655) Mayflower (my 9th great grandfather on my mother's side, Mom has DNA matches to Martha Patty Doty, my 3rd Great Grandmother)
their son Joseph Rochester Doty (1651-1731)his wife Deborah Ellis
their son Ellis Doty (1677-1728)his wife Elinor ?
his son Elijah Doty his wife Susannah Ferris (Susannah's mother was Phebe Beecher)

Both Harriet Beecher Stowe(1811-1896) and Phebe Beecher Ferris (b 1710) were from Connecticut... so maybe...

Could be a fun story to run down. I do not presume that this is 100% accurate, but I put it out there in case it helps in some way. During this time in history there were inter-family marriages.

Happy hunting!


Harriet Beecher Stowe

Hello -

I am a descendant from the first Stow's (later Stowe's) in America. Harriett Beecher married into the line that went from MA/CT to TN and the areas more south.

She is a sister of Catherine Beecher who was one of the first advocates for women getting a real education. Catherine's father allowed her to learn science and math (somewhat in secret) in his home library. At that point, only finishing schools were available for women. Catherine linked up with Jane Adams and the famous Adams House in IL. So there is a lot of info on the Beecher's because they were revolutionary thinkers that made key changes in America. (I got assigned a term paper on Catherine Beecher in college only to discover we were relatives.)

Although Harriett is the best known, it's Catherine (and the parenting of their widowed father) that really started some of the best education reform for women.

Calvin Stowe is a descendant of John Stow 1581-1638 Kent, England - Concord, MA.

The Stowe's also merged into the Stephen Hopkins line - he was a Mayflower traveler.

The Stowe's are an easy family to research. They link into Starr, Sage, Savage, Barrett, Snow, Higbee, Wetmore, Fletcher - hundreds more. Middlesex, Middlebury, CT is the place to start.

Caroline Redmond and Henderson Stowe


I just saw your photo posts. Caroline Redmond is my 3rd great aunt. Her husband was Henderson (Henry) Stowe.
Henderson's father was Justus Stowe and his mother was Mary Jane Redman. This line is confusing with the two spellings of Redmond and Redman. I am sure they are related in some way, but at the time the two families used different spellings. Both Caroline and Henderson are in Mercer Citizens Cemetery in Mercer, Pa. I was there last week and took photos for Find A Grave. My sister lives just outside the cemetery. You can find the census records for Henderson with Justus and Mary and later with Caroline in 1850 in Findley, Mercer, Pennsylvania and 1860, 1870 and 1880 in Mercer, Mercer, Pennsylvania. Sometimes the Stowe was Stow on the census records. My sister has done extensive research on this line as it is a direct line of our father. If you have any questions, please let me know.



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