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Joseph L. Harley, Omaha, Nebraska

Joseph L. Harley, Omaha, Nebraska

Joseph L. Harley, Born about 1844, Clarion County, Pa.
Moved to Nebraska Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Lines Harley
Believed to be buried in Clearfield County, Pa.


Joseph L. Harley

Joseph died in a millitary home in Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio on Sep. 14, 1926, per death certificate #57908 at He was taken to Omaha, Nebraska for burial. One of his wives was Caroline "Carrie" Miesse, who he married on Sep 25, 1893.

Joseph L.Harley

Hi! Mary,
Are you related to Joseph?He was my great great uncle his sister Sarah Jane (Jennie)Harley Dean was my great grandmother.I found out recently that he owned property in omaha,nebraska but thought he moved back to Clearfield I have another picture I have to put on here with his sister Elizabeth Harley Wriggle.Did he have children?I have other photos that are in my great grandmothers photo album that I have to put on here that I don't know who there are.Do you live in ohio or Nebraska?I have a photo that says canton,Ohio don't know who that is either.Do you know the name of the cemetery hes in?Thanks so much for responding and hope to hear from you again soon.Please let me know if your related.
Thanks again Marie Platt Post

Joseph Harley

I am not related to Joseph, but distantly related to his Miesse wife. Please contact me at

Joseph L. Harley

Hi! mary,
I will contact you and THANKS Marie Platt Post

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