McGrew Blockhouse

McGrew Blockhouse

McGrew Blockhouse built abt 1760 by James McGrew.

It is located on Mars Hill Rd., Irwin, PA (N. Huntington or Sewickley Twp.) in Westmoreland Co., PA.


McGrew log blockhouse

My father and I just did a tour east of family-related sites, the first one being the log blockhouse. We found a semi-collapsed relict log cabin that could've it on Mars Hill Rd just southwest of Rilltown literally the first building we came to at the outskirts of town. Has anyone actually visited the cabin, and does anyone know when the photo of it still standing was taken?

McGrew Blockhouse

The "blockhouse" was build by James & Mary Dicks McGrew's son Simon McGrew, who as a young man went to Westmoreland County cleared land and build a log house. Compare the picture to the one in History of Sewickley Township compiled by John J. Wilson.

McGrew Blockhouse

I'm coming to this discussion a little late. A third cousin alerted me to the McGrew blockhouse. We have 2X great grandmothers who were McGrew sisters, living in Kansas in the late 19th century. They were children of Samuel McGrew, a great grandson of the early James McGrew. From what I can find, the father James stayed in York County, PA. Several of his sons moved to Westmoreland County, including Simon and the youngest child, James Blackburn McGrew. I agree that the builder might be Simon. He was 5 years older than James, who would have been only 9-10 in 1760. Thanks for pointing out the History of Sewickley Township. Hope it's available online.

McGrew Blockhouse-James McGrew

Hi, Interested in the above. Think James McGrew is in our ancestry--we have Cynthia McGrail whose mother was Sarah Mains, Sarah's mother is Rebecca McGrew, Rebecca's father is Finley McGrew, Finley's father is James McGrew (b. 1708; d. 1793).
Please contact me if this is the same James McGrew as pictures above.

Pat Secrest

McGrew Family

Hello, Pat,
Sorry for the late reply. I have not checked back with this website in quite a while. I would love to hear more details on your line of McGrews as I am also a descendant of James McGrew, son of the immigrant, Robert McGrew. Does your McGrew family have any tradition of Native American ancestry? I have Shawnee ancestry in this part of my family in Westmoreland Co but am not sure if it is from the McGrews or the McDonalds or Reeds or Wilsons.
Look forward to hearing from you.

McGrew Line

Hi Pat,
I was looking up this blockhouse because we are going to the East Coast next month and were thinking of checking out this cabin. I noticed on mapquest that it is 20 miles from downtown Pittsburg, so it is probably gone.
My wife is related to the McGrews and there is a McGrew here in Arizona that we are probably related to. The saying goes "all McGrews are related."
We have more info that we could send you on the "Descendants of Robert McGrew" who was born about 1675 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland.
James was born in 1707 in Ireland and died in 1793. He appears to be the same James McGrew who built this place.
Email me for more info
Tom Larson
[email protected]


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