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Vincent Zaich Family

Vincent Zaich Family

Left to right,

Frieda, daughter, b. May 14, 1914, Pittsburgh, PA; d. July 28, 1973, Pittsburgh, PA

Marianna ‘Dudka’ Zaich, b. June 1, 1882, Miedna, Poland; d. Nov 23, 1957, Pittsburgh, PA

Julianna, daughter, b. Oct 1, 1908, Pittsburgh, PA; d. abt 1989, Pittsburgh, PA

Vincent Zaich, b. Mar 15, 1880, Michow, Poland; d. Mar 10, 1945, Pittsburgh, PA; m. Jan 10, 1903, Miedna Poland

Chester, son, Oct 5, 1916, Pittsburgh, PA; d. Oct 5, 2001, Pittsburgh, PA

Vincent arrived in America in August 1906 and Marianna arrived one year later and lived in Pittsburgh their entire lives. The picture was taken at K. G. Cieslak studio in Pittsburgh, PA. They are all buried at St. Stanislaus Cemetery and all three children were baptized in St. Stanislaus Church.

When Vincent came to this country he and his brother Jozef had their last name spelled Zajch on the ships manifest and for some reason Vincent spelled his name with an ‘i’.

On their children’s birth certificates their names are given as Felixa Zajko; Julianna Zajko and Zdzislaw Zajko children of Vincent Zajko and Marianna Dudka.

Submitted by Pat Temple, aka Fred Patrick Temple, Tarentum, PA, grandson of Vincent and Marianna and son Frieda

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