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Thomas Carnahan

Thomas Carnahan

Thomas Carnahan, born Oct 20, 1829, Toby Twp., Armstrong Co., PA died Oct 20, 1888, Munderf, Polk Twp., Jefferson Co, PA. Son of James Carnahan and Mary FitzRandolph, later changed to Randolph.


Thomas Carnahan

Thomas Carnahan was my Great-Grandfather. My brother looks just like him. Would love to hear from relatives of Jimmy, Isaac, Clifton, Dale, Lottie, Stewart etc. We cousins used to get together every summer as children, but went many different ways as we grew older, and lost touch.

Descendant of Thomas Carnahan

My name is Richard Carnahan. My grandfather was Isaac and my father was Larry. I live in Kersey PA and would love to meet Thomas' other descendants.

Richard Leon Carnahan

I am trying to find the above subject. He was born in Honolulu, HI in 1956. Would you possibly be related to him and could tell me where I can get in touch with him or have him contact me at the above email address? It is very important that I talk with this gentleman. Thank you. Robert E. Hottenstein


My name is Brett Carnahan. I am from Hagerstown, MD. My fathers name is Dennis, and his father is Franklin Leon Carnahan, they are from a suburb of Hagerstown, called Sharpsburg, this is where the Battle of Antietem took place. Several generations of Carnahans lived in Sharpsburg. We are also related to the Haupts and the Ottos of Sharpsburg. Unfortunately, I don't know a lot about the Carnahans that came before my grandfather (he is 94). I was told by my uncle, Terry Carnahan of Boonsboro,MD that the family can be traced back to being in MD/PA since the revoltionary war... but I do not know the details. So hello fellow Carnahan, saw your post and thought I would say hello. I imagine we must be related somehow. Take care.
Best Regards,
Brett P. Carnahan

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