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Albion, PA High School Class of 1941

Albion, PA High School Class of 1941

Top row left to right: Frances Taylor, Charles Kennedy, Helen Marcinowski, Frank Stumpf, Christina Nakich, Eugene Seneta, Randall Rogers, Helen Zablekivech, Olga Galushy, Ross Weigel, Joan McGinniss, Jeanne Farrell, Frank Halchin, Ethel Markham.

Second row from top left to right: Julia Czurzman, Clair Krichbaum, Anne Harayda, Robert Hossman, Helen Hazen, Harley Terrill, Julia Podoll, Ivan McBeth, Leroy Jones, Andrew Revak, Josephine Spina, Dolores Martin, George Bartko, Rose Naglowski, Eleanor May.

Third row from top left to right: Virginia Crane, Winifred Martin, Joe Lascek, Howard Rose, Mary Wood, William Stebnisky (Vice President), William Tucker (Treasurer), Donald Reitz (Class President), Dod Moore (Secretary), Grace Cole, Emil Dickey, Janet Elwinger, Doris Lasch, Donald Weidler.

Fourth row from top left to right: Edward Lasher, Pearl Cook, William Sisak, Betty Lou Church, John Leonard, Chester Rilling, Jeanne Young, Miriam Reynolds, Ethel Chase, Joe Funkhouser.

Fifth Row from top left to right: William Donahue, Edward Benton, Elaine Wilson, Robert Stein, Edward Kitcey, Reges Leehan, Herbert Connors, Carol Morse, Harold Banfield.

Bottom row: Donald C. Thompson (Supervising Principal, January-June 1941), Wilmot F. Collins (Supervising Principal to January 1941), Frances E. Salisbury (Class Advisor).

Submitted by Kathleen St. George

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