Bradley D. Rafferty, Ormsby Village, Louisville, Kentucky

Bradley D. Rafferty, Ormsby Village, Louisville, Kentucky

Bradley grew up in the Jefferson county, KY children's home with his brothers and graduated in 1926, when he was 18. He is standing in from on Cottage 8, where he lived. He became a professional musician and long time employee of Oldsmobile in Lansing, Mi and my father.


Ormsby Village and grandmother

My grandmother and her brothers and sisters lived at OV for several years. As a teenager in the early eighties, I remember attending a reunion there with her. We kids explored the vacant building and grounds. So sad there is nothing left. My grandmother's name was Gertrude Price. Would love to hear from anyone who knew her.

Best times

I was there at OV 67-69 I forget what cottage I was in but my cottage mother was Mrs Shultz she was so kind I would go and talk to her a lot and I remember Mr Dubois (Spelling)I remember going AWOL from there and me and this girl hid out on someones front lawn but got caught the next morning I had some good times there and wont forget them just wandering if anybody had any pics of the Village back then I remember my friends aunt used to work there also cant remember her name though

Do you remember the Chaplin

Do you remember the Chaplin their at that time? , it was my father Sid Waterman.

Goetzman Children 1930s

I am looking for information about Cora Belle Goetzman and her five siblings. Anything would be appreciated :)

My Gramma

Wow! My Grandma lived at Ormsby til she was 21yrs. old My mamma is still alive but really does not give me much info. My Grandma's name is Viola Kathleen Keizer, does anyone know her?

Dad and brothers lived there...

My dad and his two brothers were taken to Ormsby Village when their parents were unable to care for them...
My Dad always stated it saved his life...
He said he had more food, opportunities, education, sports and various activities than he would have ever had... He was a pitcher for their baseball team and struck Babe Ruth out which made the headlines in the Courier Journal Newspaper...
I have copies of the newspaper article and photos of him with the team...

Looking for Carl Thomas Wilkins who lived at Ornsby 1941 1942

Marilyn Griffith - You said your Dad was at Ornsby with his brothers. I wonder what year that was? I'm desperately seeking someone who was there in 1941 - not sure when he was adopted. There were three of them taken away from parents abused. Carl Thomas Wilkins - William H Wilkins and Robert Bruce Wilkins. We are looking for Carl Thomas Wilkins - We don't know his adopted name so it's like impossible. He would be 78 in 2015. William and Bruce have spent their whole lives looking for their brothers. They just found each other and wanting to find Carl Thomas the oldest. Any help would be appreciated.
my email is [email protected] Thanks for any help at all - Sandy

Ormsby Village

My grandmother Bessie Lehring was a cottage mother in the early 1950s. I visited there during the summers. I was five years old in 1950. I may have old photos. Does anyone remember her?

Ormsby Village

My mother was in OV from about 1925 until 1933. Her name is
Alice Marie App and she died at the age of 93. Around 1926 or so her older sister was taken to OV and lived there until 1931. Her name is Clara Elizabeth App. I was fortunate enough to work on our family history before mom died and she told us many things about OV. It was much like Settle's book except possibly for the things boys and girls may have done differently. The dining room, the grounds, the creek, sticking food in their pockets, Christmas, and other things mom talked about were just like the book. In the old photos my mother had, we asked who one person was and mom said it was her best friend at OV and her name was Frances Ware. Frances' other siblings were all at OV at the same time. Mom said her brother Harry App used to date Frances.

OV 1930

My Dad Jesse Nelson lived at OV during 1930. I am trying to locate any records on him to find out how and why he got there....any help greatly appreciated.

Than you.



Ormsby Villiage Records

I'm looking for anyone who can give me information about the Carter children at Ormsby Villiage. My grandfather and his siblings Althie and Irene were orphans there along with a brother and I think another sister. About 1926-1942 or so. Unsure about exact years. All I know is that all of them were sent there because their parents were killed. My grandfather joined the army and served during WWII at about the age of 17 I think.

I am hoping to find some records indicating who their parents might have been and retrieve the names of my other great aunts and uncles etc. If anyone is still alive today that remembers them or knows how I can go about finding birth records for them it would be great. Not knowing exactly when my grandfather was born or where makes it hard to retrieve these things via normal avenues. They were born in a rural area also and I'm not sure records were even kept back then on a regular basis.

Carter children at Ormbsy Village

Please contact me. My father LOUIS ALBERT CARTER, and his brother William Ray Carter, supposedly spent some time at Ormsby Village. Siblings included Irene Carter Neff and Athleia Carter Sims; as well as 5 other siblings. If the same family, I would love to share information with you.

OV info can be found at the

OV info can be found at the Archives in the government building on Barrett Ave. in Louisville, Ky. You have to call and make an appointment to see what they have (year books, pics, newspapers). I also have addresses and phone numbers of alumnus and a list of deceased and living OV folks. Look on for pictures taken at the OV birthday party. I also have a video of OV, Sunshine Lodge, Ridgewood and what appears to be some foster homes. I have a 1956 year book and others have many more. Let me know what I can do to help you,
Beverly McCallister Moss Winningham
[email protected]

Ormsby Village

After talking to my dad who is in the nursing home today, I decided to research anything I could find on Ormsby Village. This was my home as a child because my mom and dad (Neal & Lavada Whitehead)my uncle & aunt (John & Ruth Whitehead), paternal grandfather (Estill Whitehead), maternal grandmother (Anna Burgin), aunt's father (Herbert Reese), all worked there. I loved this place so much and hated to watch it slowly fade away each year. My parents and uncle and aunt were cottage parents and worked the lock up after they all were married. But, my dad and uncle worked the farm there in 1947 before ever marrying my mom and aunt; then they made it a family affair. My mom, also, worked at the infirmary. My grandmother worked in the egg house. I have so many fond memories of this place growing up. So many names come to mind still that I would love to know what happened to them. Please let me know how I may purchase any records pertaining to the years from 47 through the final years of Ormsby. My dad and uncle are both still living but both my mom and aunt are deceased within the last year. Looking forward to a response.


I am trying to find anyone that may have known my grandfather at the Village in the late 30s. His name was John Riley Chitwood. He joined the Army in 1941 and served in the Philippines until captured by the Japanese. My son is named after him and I am trying to compile as much family history as I can locate. Anything at all would be helpful

Gary Taft

Ormsby Papers

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have some of the newspapers put out in Ormsby in 1931 or so, edited by my Uncle Robert Rafferty. If anyone would like them, I can email from my computer.
[email protected]

Ormsby Village

Hi Dave. I was doing some research on Ormsby Village, as my grandmother lived there as a child with her siblings and came accross your earlier post. I would love any of the newspapers from OV. My email is [email protected]. Thanks so much.

Ormsby papers. addition

I have had some requests for the Ormsby papers I have. I had mailed out prints for what I had some time ago. I have been having computer problems and recently found backup's of the material on my external hard drive and have printed up two of the three from 28 and 29. If anyone is interested in that period, I would be willing to sent these and the third for postage. I think 3$ would cover it. We can work out the details.. They would be too large to email, I believe.



I was at O.V.from 1951 until 1955.

I think about O.V.and the kids as I still refer to them,as having such good times even though we were confined.

The memory will forever linger in my heart and mind.

Even to remembering the CHILI that we all loved and could not wait for it to be lol

What a beautiful campus we had and Mr.B made sure we stayed of the grass!

Fond memoriies of the canteen and for the likes of me,cannot remember the name of it..

I also had a brother that graduated from O.V. Glenn Lawler.He is looking down on well.

God Bless all that respond to this and hope that everyone that was there will know to type in Ormsby

Take care all...Gloria(Lawler)Holst

Ormsby village

My mom along with 5 of her siblings were at OV. Not sure of the exact dates but my mom recently passed away and we found 2 yearbooks,The Villager, '47 and '49. My mom said it was a wonderful place. She only had good things to say about her years there. I wish I could find out more information about it like who started it, in what year, etc. Please let me know where I could get more information.
Lori Gravatte

Ormsby village yearbook

I would love to see the yearbooks or any page containing an entry for Alice Skinner or Edna Skinner. They was sent there in 1935 when my mother was born. Any pics would be outstanding since our family has no pics of my mom and her sister as kids. We have never actually seen a pic of her sister at all.
Thanks so much,

OV yearbooks

Anita I just saw yourpost. I did find your mom and aunt in the yearbooks. Please email me [email protected]

Ormsby Village

My family moved to Ormsby Village in 1955 when I was 2 1/2 and my brother was 4. My father was Assistant Director, and then Director. he integrated Ormsby and Ridgewood in the '60s. There was working farm which provided milk, meat, eggs and pork. We lived in the mansion house for 12 years. Ormsby was a beautiful place.

ormsby village an ridgewood

Please help me find anyone are anything that i can talk to or see pictrues of ridgewood.My brothers an i was there in the 50's in cottage c an x.One of my brother worked on the farm at ormsby village.Please help me find any photos are where i can go to find out something about ormsby or ridgewood.

There will be a 143rd Ormsby

There will be a 143rd Ormsby Village birthday party / reunion October 26, 2008. It will be at George Rodgers Clark Park off Poplar Level Road in Louisville, Ky. Noon till 6pm.
There are fewer and fewer of us each year. Some of us were there in the 30's and 40's.
Let me know if there is anyone you would like to know about.

Beverly McCallister

find my record

I am Dolores' daughter and mom is just unable to do this on her own. She tells me of Ormsby but no good tales. Please can you find her record? Her mother didn't want to deal with raising her so she brought mom there and left her. Please help. Thank you,Starr Geary. Mom was there as a young girl. She was born in 1934 so not sure the year she was at Ormsby.

Howell Children in the 1930"s

I know this is an old post but my mother and some of her brothers and sisters were there in the early 1930's I`m trying to find 2 of them a Edward and an Imogene he was born in 1928 I think dont know any more than her name hope you can help My mother"s name is Annetta

Lucille Cox

Looking for info on my Grandmother Lucille Cox Class of 1939. any info would be helpful.

my mother

i would love to find info on my mom,aunt and uncle please her name was cora mae corder...mary katherine corder and herbert corder in the 40

beverly, I'm looking for a

beverly, I'm looking for a girl named Linda sue Smith'maiden name, we were at ormsby together in ?the 50's early 60's


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