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Georgetown, Texas Seventh Graders 1930

Georgetown, Texas Seventh Graders 1930

The future Georgetown High School Class of 1935.  These students would have been born about 1917-1918.  Use this free trial to look for them in the 1920 Census.

Class roster - in alphabetical order

  • Ainsworth, Ford
  • Beaver, Hazel
  • Birklebach, Alma
  • Bishop, Benton
  • Cardwell, Billy
  • Case, Will Dean
  • Chastain, Virginia
  • Cloud, Lester
  • Davis, Helen
  • Eanes, Elizabeth
  • Edwards, Iva Lee
  • Evans, Helen
  • Fahrenthold, Francis
  • Forsvall, Bernice
  • Gustafson, Harold
  • Gustafson, Mildred
  • Hardcastle, Howard
  • Hill, Dan
  • Holybee, Walter
  • Jenkins, J. B.
  • Johnson, Lambert
  • Kelly, Charlie
  • King, Oscar
  • Lehmberg, Alexandria
  • Logan, J. D.
  • Logan, R. E.
  • Marshall, Oscar
  • May, Doris Evelyn
  • Meyer, Gregory
  • Munson, Leland
  • Nichols, Lucille
  • Palm, Allene
  • Percy, Harry
  • Perry, J. L.
  • Peterson, Annabell
  • Peterson, Ruben
  • Purcell, Pauline
  • Purl, Thomas
  • Risinger, Oliver
  • Robbins, Alta Belle
  • Rogers, Ralph
  • Sellers, Frank
  • Shell, Thomas
  • Standlee, Frances Ray
  • Towns, Wilbur
  • Vinther, Edwin
  • Waite, Margaret
  • Whitted, Dorothy

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