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Hanson Family

Hanson Family

Diana (Dena) Amanda Hanson (b. 23 Feb 1870, Minnesota)
Minnie Louise Hanson (b. 18 Mar 1863, Wisconsin)
Lulu May Victoria Hanson (b. 5 Sep 1877, Minnesota)
Henry (Hacon) L. Hanson (b. 1 Feb 1862, Wisconsin).

All four are children of Austin Hanson and Olina Olson (both born in Norway).

Minnie was my great grandmother (through her 2nd husband).

There were five other children not shown:
Laura C. Hanson (b. 26 Oct 1860, Wisconsin)
Theodore Edward Hanson (b. 18 Nov 1866, Wisconsin)
Anna Melinda Hanson (b. 18 May 1868, Minnesota)
Louis A. Hanson (b. 23 May 1873, Minnesota)
Austin O. Hanson (b. 18 Oct 1875, Minnesota)

Diana married William Riley Bates (b. 1862, Minnesota)
Minnie first married Walter S. Hull (b. circa 1865, Vermont)
Minnie second married Isaac Thompson Allen (b. 1862, Wisconsin)
Lulu married Edgar Carson Browder (b. 1872, Tennessee)
Henry married Randina, though I believe she is the 2nd wife.
Laura married Albert William Flanders (b. 1857, Wisconsin)
Anna married Charles M. Hull (b. 1861, Vermont); he is the brother of Walter S. Hull mentioned above.


Hanson/Browder family

I am the great-grandson of Lulu and Edgar Browder, through my father, Robert S. I would like to get in contact with Bruce to trace the Browder line more in depth. My sister, Leslie, has my contact info and I believe Bruce has her phone and email address. If not, Bruce can reply to this post and I will get it from her.




Philip is the grandson of Edgar Carson Browder and Lulu, not the great grandson.

sister Leslie

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