Unknown Photo

Unknown Photo

Unknown photo what looks like possible twins or at the very least sisters. Any help would be appreciated.

Please email me at [email protected]


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twins picture

Is this montana or Oregon? or both?

Are you able to remove the

Are you able to remove the photo carefully from the album? If you can show the studio name where it was taken I can help date it for you.

Twin Picture

My 2nd Great Grandmother was a twin but I don't know what she looked like as a child. I have a picture of her as an adult and she looks kinda like these girls. Do you have any idea of what year or county this picture was taken?
Thanks, Nicole

Hi, I just saw this photo and

I just saw this photo and had to click on it because these two girls look almost exactly like a painting my mother has. Same pose and clothing. I could be seeing things, but it definitely looks familiar!