Poland, OH Union School 1935

Poland, OH Union School 1935

top row: g. mcdonald; h. kettlewell; wm. black; robert walters; floyd n.; j. wagner; sam payne; david n.; john lockswood; junior weeks
next row: paul wahner; f. marie; p. dutton; whickey; h. egolf; ray mellinger; a. wolf; r. stewart; james partlow
next row: j. miller; r. huish; b. maxwell; m---?; longmore; betsy wire; "giggles" g.w.; margaret v.; teacher, mrs. reid;
next row: ruth raub; isabel reid (my mother); betty j.; p. schaffer; robert clark; vera madrid; elsa p. h. globe


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The James PARTLOW in this group photo in the second row from the top on the far right was born 14 Apr 1930 in Beaver Twp., Mahoning Co., OH, a son of James Pearl and Margaret [BAXTER] PARTLOW.

Poland, OH

Is this Poland OH located in the West Lafayette OH area? We have been looking for this for some time if it is.

No, Poland is actually in

No, Poland is actually in Mahoning County, OH near the Pennsylvania line. Prior to 1846 it would have been in Trumbull County.

spitler rd

hi linda
my mom and her parents , john and gertrude reid, lived on spitler road.

Spitler Rd

Hi My dad James Taylor, 2 uncles Minor Taylor and Alvin Buckie Taylor grew up on Spitler Rd. Lillian and Alvin Taylor are my grandparents and Bertha and Minor Smith are my great grandparents. They lived at 2889 Spitler, red brickhouse(Smiths home), then small blue house,(original homestead of Smiths) then white home (Lillian and Alvin Taylors home) .The farm was 72 acres and my great grand pap Smith raised hogs and grew corn. I believe They were friends with the Reids.My uncle Buck was killed at 13 yrs old by sledding accident across the street at a friends farm. Such memories...I lived at 2889 for 2 yrs and move to FL. Donna Padgett owns my great grandparents home now. Red brick house. Mr Okrusky lived in little blue home with his son Paul until they died, now home is in disrepair. I don't know whom owns Taylor home. Wish I could buy back family homestead...Let me know what u think if you know my family.

Spitler Road.

Hi, I know the house you are talking about. My great Aunt Helen Spitler McMillen lived in the white house on the other side of the street.It was next to Peg Moore's brick ranch. I wish someone in our family would have bought their house also. It wasn't a big house, but was neat and had a lot of memories. I have some old pictures of it. My grandfather was Marvin Spitler and the street is named after him and his brother. I had another Great Aunt who used to live on the corner (it is now a dentist's office)She was Ruth Spitler and her husband was Earl Flickinger. It was torn down a long time ago.I remember the name Smitty (Smith)I also remember my great uncle walking across the street and picking corn, bringing it home and drying it out and then using an old coffee grinder to have corn for the birds. That was a long time ago.Linda Ference

Old Poland School Pictures

I also have someold Poland School pictures of the Little Red School house on RTe 224. My great grandmother and my great aunts were in the pictures. Their last name was Spitler and Spitler Rd. is named for my relatives. I donated the pictures to the Little Red School House. Linda Ference

Poland School

Hi Linda,

I read your post and said WOW, actually someone that knows the Poland area, my family lived there from the early 1900's until 1988 when my family moved, we lived at 5173 Kennedy Rd., just down from that little red school house, my dads mom went to that school, I know when I was a kid it was in pretty bad shape, I even remember the Sohio gas station and fanizio's don't hold me to the spelling but if you have lived there you know what I mean, remember Sparkle market on 224 and clingon rd.?, I have not been back there since 1988, my fmaily moved to florida and in 2004 I moved back to Ohio but to Sandusky and now I am back in Florida, but if you like I have pictures of the house I grew up in, you might even know it, take Struthers road to Kennedy road, and the second drive on the left was where we lived, there is a big green house in front and my dad built that house and the one we lived in, a Mrs. Duckworth lived in the green one, but if you'd like I can send pictures or links to the pictures, just let me know at my email, well hope to hear from you so we can share, take care and be safe, Robert

Spitler Rd

Wow that is so interesting then u must know my Family. The Taylor and Smiths...